Friends and Flowers

by Margaret Powling-

I met a dear friend for lunch today in China Blue, Totnes, a favourite place for coffee or lunch.  it is a pottery, café, gift shop and hairdresser.  I chose a jacket potato with side salad and it was very tasty.  We hadn’t met for a while  and so had lots to talk about and then we had a wander around the shop and I chose a present for another friend whose birthday is this week.  There is so much to see, one is spoilt for choice. As soon as you think you’ve made up your mind, something else catches your eyes!


 or here …

On the way home I popped into the supermarket and bought flowers.  Husband wasn’t with me and so I indulged myself more than had he put a steadying hand on my wallet!  But if given the choice between a couple of bottles of fairly ordinary plonk and five bunches of flowers, the flowers always win, it’s no contest …

White roses always look lovely in any room, I think, and so one bunch has gone into the sitting room and one into the kitchen …

and from the other side of the table …

and in the kitchen …

As well as white roses in the sitting room, a vase of alstromeria (the colour will emerge when they eventually open) …

and for my bedside table, some tulips …

Again, these should look prettier when they open.

Some apricot roses I bought on Friday were really not in the best of health and already they are dropping, but I cut them down and placed them in the fireplace …

As today is rainy – and that is not a complaint as we do need rain – these flowers have brought a breath of spring into our home.   How fortunate we are to have both friends and flowers. 

Until next time.


Margaret Powling


  1. Marlene Stevens

    I love these sort of places that have everything under one roof, it makes for a lovely morning or afternoon out.

    15 . May . 2017
    • Margaret Powling

      Yes, it’s a lovely place, Marlene. And when he’s a bit older we can take our grandson there as they do painting of pottery and then it’s fired and you can collect it a few days later. Ideal activity for a little one!

      15 . May . 2017
  2. Eloise at thisissixty.blog

    My kind of place too. We are fortunate to have several such places in easy distance, and they are always a great source of presents. How nice about the pottery. My grandchildren would like that.
    White roses are a great favourite in my house too. My friend and I always buy them for each other when the occasion arises. It’s a shame they don’t last as well as alstomeria….they have amazing lasting power.
    I did smile when I read the part about you husband’s steadying hand. Mine would aasked, very nicely, whether I ‘needed’ so many! I have spent years explaining that ‘need’ is not a compatible ord with flowers (or shoes, or chocolate, or…………..). Haha.
    If you read the Western Morning News, I have a short story being published on Saturday. If not, I shall post it on my blog soon anyway.

    15 . May . 2017
    • Margaret Powling

      Yes, that’s what husbands day, isn’t it? “Do you need five bunches?” with a strong emphasis on the “need”! I went mad, husband things I’ve pushed out the fiscal boat if I buy two bunches! He’s not mean, he just thinks with the cost of the food and the cash back and the petrol I should rein in on the flowers, but I’d rather have flowers than almost anything else. When I came home with them, fait accompli, he made not one comment. It’s just when I buy them under his nose that there’s a comment. Yes, that’s a good response, I might try that, that “need” is a word not compatible with flowers (or in my case, books, magazines, scent, good soap …)
      No, we don’t take the Western Morning News, but I would love to read your short story when it appears on your blog! I didn’t know you were living in the WMN catchment area.

      15 . May . 2017
  3. Eloise at thisissixty.blog

    Compatible WORD. Oh these fingers!

    15 . May . 2017
    • Margaret Powling

      Yes, I worked that one out , Eloise … my fingers can’t spell, either.

      15 . May . 2017
  4. Eloise at thisissixty.blog

    Well, I do visit the area from time to time so I ‘live’ there temporarily!
    My friend Janet has a cottage just outside Salcombe and she sent me the newspaper link which asked for short story submissions.

    15 . May . 2017
    • Margaret Powling

      How lovely to have your story published, Eloise. I have never written fiction, always non-fiction articles. I look forward to reading it on your blog in due course.

      15 . May . 2017
  5. Jo

    I love browsing gift shops, you can pick up loads of ideas when you’re looking for a present for someone, things that you’d have never thought of. Your flowers are lovely, I especially like the roses you cut down for the fireplace, such a pretty colour.

    16 . May . 2017
    • Margaret Powling

      Yes, it’s fun to browse in gift shops, but while China Blue is lovely and I enjoy having a look around, my favourite place is always an antiques’ centre, finding something really beautiful from sometime in the past, whether the recent past, a set service from, say, the 1960s or 1970s, or from much earlier, a silver teaspoon from over 100 years ago perhaps, something special for a friend to stir his or her tea!
      Those lovely apricot roses have now totally fallen apart, sadly. But they will be replaced with something else for the fireplace as soon as it stops raining and I can go out into the garden – perhaps some pretty leaves instead.

      16 . May . 2017
  6. Lara

    Beautiful photographs. I especially like the apricot roses in the fireplace. I would never think of that ….. mind you, we don’t have a fire place !!

    It was Mothers’ Day in Australia last Sunday and the owner of a new cafe in town where we took mum for breakfast gave her a beautiful single pink rose. Mum gave it to me later as she wasn’t heading straight home and was worried it wouldn’t last the trip. I put it in a white ceramic vase which was a gift over 30 years ago from children I babysat at the time, trimmed the stem twice since and noticed that only today it’s starting to flag. I love pink and I love roses 🙂

    ps I had a hard time finding your blog today and also last time. Hubbie kindly ‘fixed’ my iPad cookies (or something or other) and I seem to have now lost most of my favourites (of which your blog was one) and also the entire search history. Simply typing your name (or Devon Dreaming) into google didn’t work – although I found loads of other articles and photos by / about you, this blog was absent…… Hmmmm at least he meant well !

    19 . May . 2017
    • Margaret Powling

      Sadly, the apricot roses are now over, but I’ve cut down the pink ones that were in the bedroom and those are there now.
      What a lovely gesture by the café owner to present your mother with a pink rose and how nice that you received it from her. Yes, I love pink roses, too.
      If you have difficulty finding my blog try http://www.margaretpowling.com which is what the website address is. My computer man set it all up for me, I’m very ignorant of how to do lots of things to do with a computer. Just writing a post and adding photos and responding to comments seems to be all I can manage!

      19 . May . 2017

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