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For Fans of Barry

Hello, Everyone, Barry-the-dog here.  I told Grandma I was ready for my close up and she quickly whipped out her camera.  I’m surprised she didn’t have it ready, she had to scramble through all kinds of bits and pieces in her bag while I stood there, patiently waiting.

I am in my own home here.  Grandma and Granddad were looking after me yesterday afternoon while Mummy was at work and Daddy was at the dentist. They are very good, they don’t leave me on my own, and I love it when Granny and Granddad come to see me as they’re easily distracted and I can snaffle some biscuits when they’re not looking.

Indeed, I saw Granny and Granddad again today.  Mummy and Daddy were going to a friends’ house for what they said was “a barbecue.” I’ve heard of these things but never been to one.  One doggy friend said humans cooked meat outside on a fire and he couldn’t understand why this was when there was a perfectly good cooker in the kitchen.  But that’s humans for you!

Granddad wanted to watch a short technology programme on TV this afternoon, so Mummy – she says such programmes “bore her witless” – decided to lie on the bed and have a snooze.  And then she decided to get a cup of coffee and while she was gone, I thought, why waste a nice warm patch on the bed …

I’m not allowed on the bed at home, nor is Granny too pleased when she finds me on her bed, but then I look all cute and appealing and she says, “Oh, look at the little chap, I’ve not the heart to disturb him!”  She’s such a pushover!

Seriously, I enjoy my visits to Granny and Granddad’s home, but Granny can be strict and if I bark too much at a passing C.A.T. (they think I can’t spell!) she makes me SIT and KEEP QUIET! And I know I won’t be getting any more B.I.S.C.U.I.T.S. for a while!

‘Bye chaps,

Barry x


About Margaret Powling

Margaret Powling
Margaret’s main interests are her husband and family, her friends, her home, her garden, writing, literature, architecture, décor, social history, photography, historic houses and gardens, and towns, villages and the countryside. She writes about the things she enjoys: flowers, scent, fine soap, monthly style magazines, and other such small indulgences, such as afternoon tea or simply enjoying her summerhouse with a book. She invites you to enjoy this virtual visit to South Devon, England.

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  1. Lovely story Margaret. I’m a pushover too for my furry friends.

    • Margaret Powling
      Margaret Powling

      He is a dear little dog, not the prettiest dog, but very loving. We get on just fine. Of course, he thinks he has the upper paw, but I know his little tricks and now he likes to sneak onto the bed when I’m not looking!

  2. Laddie the Collie here. I’ve just had my children bring their dogs to visit! It was a long afternoon. Two Pomeranian, for dawg’s sake!

    My oldest human boy told me they were rare, miniature, Golden Elkhounds! Does he think I’m dim, no they are ankle biting yappers. OK, well, the girl isn’t bad. I don’t mind her drinking from my bowl or sharing a treat or three with her but sheesh, she thinks she lives here.

    My female human calls them her granddogs.

    Barry, I’m telling you get the humans trained and life is good.

    • Margaret Powling
      Margaret Powling

      Oh, Laddie, I do sympathize! Are Pomeranians actually dogs? They are all fur and yap! We are real dogs, we like to chase things! Imagine a Pomeranian trying to chase anything! I think your oldest human is pulling the other one, there. Miniature Golden Elkhounds indeed. Have you ever heard such nonsense! But yes, getting humans trained is a priority. When Mummy and Daddy arrived I had such a cuddle, they made such a fuss of me you’d think they’d been to Siberia and back, not just 14 miles up the road to Exeter! Granny didn’t let the side down, mind. She told them I’d been a Very Good Boy! Wrapped round my little paw she is!

      • The Pomeranian was a rescue. She was found as a stray and showed signs of abuse.

        The wife of my eldest human boy was supposed to foster her and somehow wound up adopting her. My boy always said no small dogs, he grew up with Elkhounds and really wanted one when they have a garden. He came from a training course to find the Pomeranian in all her pink collared glory in his living room. He is 6’2 and always said men his size look silly walking lap dogs. So he decided she was a miniature Golden Elkhound and bought her a camouflage harness and leash.

        I will say she’s not yappy and annoying like most Poms. The other Pom belongs to his mother in law and is staying with them as she’s on holiday.

        That dog is insane, he will be brought into line. I nearly have him thinking he’s a Sheltie.

        It’s hard being a Collie. Everyone calls me Lassie!

        • Margaret Powling
          Margaret Powling

          That is sad, that someone was cruel to the Pomeranian – thank goodness she is now in a good home. I love the story of her being a miniature Golden Elkhound, that’s a good ‘un! I love the idea of a camouflage harness and lead. I’d love that but I don’t think Mummy and Daddy would approve even though I can look fierce enough, being a terrier even though I’m not very tall!
          However, the other Pom sounds a bit of a handful, or a lapful! But I do sympathize if everyone calls you Lassie! People laugh when they know I’m called Barry! “Tee hee!” they go, “A dog called Barry!” as if it’s screamingly funny! What we dogs have to put up with!

  3. Tilly the spaniel here Barry and I must give you a big, congratulatory bark on just how well your have your humans trained. Biscuits, snuggles on a warm soft bed and then having the intelligence to look cute so no ticking off, well done my man.

    • Margaret Powling
      Margaret Powling

      Hello, Tilly! I liked the hug, dear girl! Yes, training our humans is the first thing we must learn. I think I’ve got them round my little paw now, and I suspect you have, too!

  4. I do miss having a dog but I don’t want the responsibility any more. You’ve got the best of both worlds Margaret – a bit like having grandchildren 🙂

    • Margaret Powling
      Margaret Powling

      Yes, that’s quite true, the dogs and the grandchildren can be handed back to their ‘owners’! We used to have cats but I no longer want cat hairs around the place, expensive visits to the vet, the cat flap permanently open (our last cat was so stupid he couldn’t manage a cat flap and so to allow him entry and exit we kept it propped open all the time, summer and winter – not all cats learn how to use a cat flap, we soon learned!), the calcified cat food sprayed everywhere when they ate, not the mess they made in the garden. We put up with these things but after the cats had departed, and rest assured we missed their company, we decided not to have any more.

  5. Love it! Xxx

  6. Barry – you are Mr Personality, hi (yap, actually) from your Papillion – Pomeranian (apologies for being, you know, part you-know-what) friend Pixie

    • Margaret Powling
      Margaret Powling

      Oh, Miss Pixie, thank you kindly, and a special bark for you in Australia. I wonder whether they have little terriers like me in Australia? No need to apologise for being part you-know-what! I’m sure we’d get on really fine, we could chase each other all over Australia, there’d be no stopping us!

  7. Hi Barry, I’m Lilly a cat but you’re such a handsome dog. And it looks like your grandparents love to spoil you! Sending you meows, Lilly 🐈

    • Margaret Powling
      Margaret Powling

      Woof, woof, Lilly! I tend to chase cats, but with you I shall make an exception as you have called me a handsome dog! I think we’d get on really well. Yes, Granny and Granddad do tend to spoil me when I’m here, but I have to learn not to overstep the mark, such as barking to go out too often, for a call of Nature, when I don’t need to go out because when I’ve been a “good boy” outside, and watered a plant (you get my meaning!) then Granny gives me a dog biscuit, and now she’s wised-up to the fact that I bark to go out just to get a biscuit! It took her quite a while to cotton on to this, and now I have to find other methods of getting biscuits. Looking appealing is one of them, head tilted to one side, eyes pleading … it works every time!

  8. Oh Barry you are such a photogenic young man. So handsome and obviously from good stock ! I love dogs but can’t have one at the moment as I have a cat who really doesn’t seem to take to anything with four legs. She is definitely queen of her castle. I enjoy her company immensely but I know she’s not everyone’s cup of tea. I doubt you’d like her. It’s so nice of you to share yourself around with members of the family and to let them all spoil you. Jumping up onto the bed and getting comfy – especially when a bed has just been made with fresh, clean, light coloured bedding – is perhaps one of the best ways of showing your Grandparents how much you care. Running to an external door then barking whilst looking as brave and tough as you can is an xcellent way to display your prowess as the great protector. Allowing the humans to then pat you and give you a biscuit is only too gracious. Thanks for letting us know how things are in your part of the world. All the best from Australia – where dogs pretty much rule, too xx

    • Margaret Powling
      Margaret Powling

      Oh, Miss Lara, how kind of you to say such nice things about me and my kind! Handsome, eh? Well, we fellows do try and make an effort now and again … I received a shower the other day! Mummy said, “Oh, you are a bit whiffy!” That didn’t sound much like a compliment to me as she said it at the same time as she wrinkled her nose, so I took that to be a sign that soap and water and Barry were going to meet, and quickly!
      Yes, we need to bark, looking as brave and fearless as we can, even us chaps of slight stature and you are right, even if it’s only a measley cat passing the window! Did I say the dreaded word? C, A, T? I must go and wash out my mouth with soap and water … isn’t that what humans say when they’ve said a naughty word? Only joking, Miss Lara, for I know you have a beloved cat, and I have to admit not all cats are awful, some even have dogs as companions! Not me, though. I certainly rule the roost here, as they say. Greetings to you in Australia. Granny says that’s further away than where Mummy and Daddy live. I can’t imagine a distance further than, say, seven miles, but I shall try.
      ‘Bye for now,

  9. Eloise (thisissixty.blog)

    Hi Barry, long time no see. I’ve just logged on after an incredibly busy couple of days to see that your grandmother has been especially prolific in her posting – so much to read and comment upon. I’m not a fan of barbecues so trust me, you’re not missing a lot. Whilst I do like to eat al fresco (ask Granny if you need an explanation), I’m happy to prepare the food indoors first. Hmmmm, doggy paws on the lovely light bedding. I hope you wiped them well before getting on there! By the way, you look very handsome in that first photograph. I do believe
    I see that you enjoy chasing cats. My daughter has three of them – handsome creatures but quite anti-social for the most part. Her dog, Luca, on the other hand is very (VERY) sociable which translates as ‘excitable’. He is also a great cat-chaser. The three kitties keep him in his place though! See you again next time you’re allowed to comment. XXX

    • Margaret Powling
      Margaret Powling

      Hello, Miss Eloise! Yes, Granny is rather verbose at times, she just doesn’t know when to stop! She could talk the hind legs off a donkey … I think that’s your human expression? There’s a little dog in our Close and he’s the doggy equivalent, doesn’t know when to stop barking! He’s a Jack Russell, so about my stature (or lack of) but nowhere near as handsome, a’hem!
      Oh, Granny and Granddad don’t like barbecues, either! Granny says they seem pointless when there’s a perfectly good oven in the kitchen. They like to eat out of doors but what they all ‘proper’ food, real meals, not just singed sausages!
      Yes, my paws were clean when I was on Granny’s bed, but I confess I did leave a few dark hairs behind! Oh, Lucky Luca, having cats living in the same house, something to chase 24/7!
      Love from Barry

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