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Sunshine, Flowers and a New Lipstick

I said I would transfer the spray carnations to something more suitable than the tall cut-glass vase, and here they are in a blue & white jug (yet another inherited piece.)  I think they look much better even if the colour blue is nowhere else to be seen!  A contrast isn’t always a bad thing.

This morning we made a trip to B&Q, one of the DIY chain of stores. Yesterday, we had been for 3 x 5ltr cans of Sandtex masonry paint for our garden wall (the painter is coming in the next couple of weeks to paint the wall) but we were a bit miffed as the colour we wanted, which matches the walls of our house, Light Cream, appeared to have been discontinued.

Therefore, we bought the next best thing:  three cans of Cornish Cream which, from what I recall many years ago when we similarly tried to match the colour, is much darker and more yellow than the Light Cream that we prefer.

Anyway, this morning I had a look at the Sandtex website and found that they do produce Light Cream.  Perhaps B&Q only have a limited range? So we returned those we bought yesterday and then went to Brewers, another paint and wallpaper specialist, and bought two cans of the Light Cream and ordered a third (as two were all they had in stock.)  I felt quite pleased that instead of having to ‘put up’ with a colour we didn’t really want, a little  web research gave us the result we did want.

When we got home, the post had arrived and as well as an autumn bulb catalogue (already!  We’re not out of spring yet!) there was the lipstick I’d ordered.


They say that nice things come in small parcels and this is such a thing!

I love my new nail polish so much (OPI’s Miami Beet) that I wanted a lipstick that would look good with it, and opted for one from Look Fabulous Forever, makeup and skin products which have been formulated for mature skin (i.e. a kind way of saying for oldies.)

The OPI polish is actually much more plummy than you see here, more the shade of the lipstick. I really don’t know why my camera has difficulty with this colour, but it’s much darker than it looks in the bottle here, and the lipstick is lovely with it.  The lipstick  container is exactly like those for Chanel, only the band is ‘silver’ and not ‘gold’.  When my hair was brown-with-blonde-highlights, I couldn’t wear these plummy shades, they looked awful; I used coppery/bronze shades.  Now my hair is grey-highlighted-with-silver, I’m delighted I can now wear plummy shades.

On our way home I popped into a local convenience store for some crusty rolls and saw some pretty tulips, pink with variegated leaves.  Seldom have I seen tulips with variegated leaves so they found their way into the basket …

I often go to bed early to read, especially when there is nothing I wish to see on television, and the evening light in our bedroom is pleasant, even though the room faces south and not west, and I like to see flowers on the dressing chest.

We had crusty rolls filled with cheese for our lunch (coq au vin from the freezer for supper, with new potatoes and runner beans) and then I planted up some Regal pelargoniums …

We have two pale green planters on either side of the back door, and I think these will make a change from the heliotrope I usually plant in them.  I’m now thinking of softening the lines by buying some trailing white lobelia to go in with the pelargoniums.

I only did a few pots and then decided it was too hot for more gardening until this evening. Husband was busy painting a bench with some left-over paint from his re-painting of the summerhouse (same colour as before, Farrow & Ball’s Vert de Terre) and I decided to have a cup of tea and read in the summerhouse, but not before I’d cut a few springs of euphorbia and nipped a few of the spray carnations from the kitchen jug, and put those in the summerhouse, along with a cup of Earl Grey (I love Earl Grey in summer, but only without milk.)

The chunk of wood you can see through the window is the trunk of the walnut tree, it’s the colour of elephant hide

You can’t beat a cup of tea on a warm, spring afternoon 

Until next time.

About Margaret Powling

Margaret Powling
Margaret’s main interests are her husband and family, her friends, her home, her garden, writing, literature, architecture, décor, social history, photography, historic houses and gardens, and towns, villages and the countryside. She writes about the things she enjoys: flowers, scent, fine soap, monthly style magazines, and other such small indulgences, such as afternoon tea or simply enjoying her summerhouse with a book. She invites you to enjoy this virtual visit to South Devon, England.

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  1. Hello Margaret, it’s interesting that you purchased your new lipstick from Look Fabulous Forever as I recently purchased some of their products for the first time. I have been following their website and watched the videos, I also have Tricia Cusden’s book and felt it was time to give the make up a try. I bought the facial and eye primers, foundation and eyebrow ‘paint’ and I am pleased with everything. Haven’t tried the lipsticks yet as I have several in other brands. The colour you purchased looks lovely.
    Like you, I used to wear warmer colours before the gray started to appear! Now I find cooler tones suit much better and make a nice change.
    There are some advantages to getting older!

    • Margaret Powling
      Margaret Powling

      Your recommendation is good enough for me, Dot, and I think I will be buying some of their products, too. Yes, there are some advantages to getting older … being able to wear colours we couldn’t have considered when we were younger, for a start! I’ve been thinking of the facial and eye primers, as my eye shadow tends to disappear during the day. I might also buy Tricia Cusden’s book – maybe we old dogs, in a manner of speaking, can learn new tricks!

    • Eloise (thisissixty.blog)

      The lipstick colour is lovely. My hair colour veers between blonde and silver and I change my make up accordingly. I’ve not tried this brand (yet) as I’m hooked on Bare Minerals (both for make up and skincare products. Their serum is wonderful), though have been experimenting here and there with the organic brand, Benecos. Some products have been ok, but the depth of colour just isn’t there. It’s a lot cheaper than Bare Minerals and I think it’s evident in the pigments they use. I shall stick to my old favourite for now.
      They key thing is that even though we are gently maturing, we are taking care to look (and therefore feel) the best we can. It’s all about self esteem and taking pride in ourselves, don’t you think?

      • Margaret Powling
        Margaret Powling

        Oh, I must look up the Bare Minerals website and if you recommend the serum (which sounds faintly medical, doesn’t it?) I might be tempted. Yes, are taking care to look as good as we can without splashing out huge amounts or having face lifts or Botox injections. I even put makeup on to do the gardening! I love the new lipstick colour although I was under the impression that the lipsticks were matte, and this one has a sheen, but it’s not shiny, if you know what I mean, just a nice amount of sheen.

  2. Good to see someone other than myself still loves Chanel 19!

    But Earl Grey? My husband loves it, but to me it is the devil’s own brew. I’ve tried and tried but just can’t drink it.

    It’s Queen’s Victoria’s Birthday and across Canada, we have the day off. It’s sunny and officially the start of planting season in my province.

    • Margaret Powling
      Margaret Powling

      How lovely to have a day off for Victoria Day, Linda. I hope you are enjoying it.
      I love Earl Grey but only without milk. With milk it’s wishy-washy. But I also like tea made with one bag Earl Grey and one bag Indian, and that I can take with milk.
      I first had Chanel 19 when husband returned from a business trip and brought it for me (from duty free) and I’ve loved it ever since. Just one of the many fragrances I love.

  3. I love those tulips! I really like variegated foliage, not to mention silver and red foliage. Your new lip color is beautiful. As a younger person I looked best in cool colors and now that my hair is grey, same – so no change in what I’m able to wear! Nice that you have a change of pace.

    • Margaret Powling
      Margaret Powling

      I have decided – for husband tends to go with the plants that I like, bless him – to not have any annuals in the borders, but to plant heuchera and other plants for their foliage. I think it was the great gardener, Beth Chatto (who died only recently) who said that with plants, go for foliage and if there’s a flower, that’s a bonus. There’s a great deal of truth in that, only think of awful thorny rose bushes, when they are not in bloom, ugly stalks with thorns! And then when the roses bloom, such beauty. She was therefore wrong where roses are concerned, but mainly right, I think.
      Glad you approve the lipstick colour. I love it. It’s supposed to be matte, but there’s a definite sheen to it, but not an unkindly one.

  4. That is a very beautiful jug, Margaret.
    J x

    • Margaret Powling
      Margaret Powling

      Thank you, Joy. I love blue & white, especially this pastel blue, but I don’t have very much of it. Mum didn’t collect anything in particular, just all kinds of things that she liked (and that she also inherited from her late brother and her late father.)

  5. I’ve had problems with slow internet speed these past few days so am catching up on your posts this morning. A ‘first world problem’, as we say 🙂
    Those tulips are beautiful. I seem to not have great luck when buying lip glosses or lipsticks – I agonise over which shade suits and yet seem to often not love it when I can try them on at home. So I often blend two colours. Trying them on the back of my hand in the store never seems to help yet I wouldn’t dare use the ‘testers’ on my lips. Yours looks lovely.

    • Margaret Powling
      Margaret Powling

      Hello, Lara, and I’m sorry to hear you’ve had internet problems – yes, a 1st world problem, but annoying nonetheless.
      I’ve never had a lip gloss, only lipstick, and I love this one even though no lipstick seems to ‘last’ on my lips – perhaps I talk, drink and eat too often for it to stay in place! But it’s a lovely colour and I’m delighted that I can now wear the plummy shades which looked awful when my hair was a natural brown with blonde highlights. I also blend colours, using a dark shade first and then putting a lighter one over the top. I can still remember the first lipstick that I wore, not just for dressing up as a child, pretending to be grown up, but actually to wear out of doors. It was Yardley’s Pink Magic, a white-pink that would look atrocious today, I’m sure! And then I gravitated to the more orange colours, such as Max Factor’s Apricot Frost, which I loved, and the first of the pinky/brown shades, and I don’t know the manufacturer, but it was called Mutation, and I absolutely loved that. There were fewer colours from which to choose in the late 1950s/early 1960s than there are today. We’re now spoilt for choice!

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