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A Very Busy Day

I had an appointment in Totnes this morning and as we came out of the supermarket car park (where you can park your car for two hours for free) there is a grass verge and, towards the back,  a wild flower meadow has been planted. It is such a pretty sight – what a shame more verges aren’t planted like this?  Beautiful, isn’t it?  It’s not a huge area, but better a small area like this than none at all.

After my appointment we drove to Waitrose for the weekly shop. We were much later in the day than usual (because of my Totnes appointment) but the store wasn’t particularly busy and I saw this  display of chocolate … I didn’t stop to examine the items on offer because I always buy Lindt chocolate as I prefer it to Green & Black (which is also good, it’s just a matter of preference) and when I looked at my photo this evening I saw some items called Candy Kittens, which sound intriguing.  I wonder if there is something similar with “Puppies” in the name, for dog lovers?

After we did the food shopping which, with a printed list laid out in the order in which we tour the aisles, we can do fairly swiftly, we drove to The Range (where we could also use the loos!) as husband was looking for some cartridge paper which is suitable for water colour painting, but of a more fine gauge than the watercolour paper he already has.  The Range has a great Art Materials section (and a great Craft Section if you are a ‘crafty’ person … I have been called ‘crafty’ in the past but it was meant in a very different way, ha ha!)

He has now put his computer monitor and keyboard to one side (where he can still use them but they are not right in front of where he sits) and he has laid out paints and paper and so forth.  I hope he will now stop prevaricating and just start to paint again.  He didn’t stop on purpose, only other things took over. The pictures you can see are some he did 20 years ago of birds and butterflies.

After we left The Range, with art materials tucked under our arms, we drove to Ilsham Valley where we ate our shared Waitrose sandwich and ‘free’ coffee and we then drove to the picture framer to collect the two large water colours of The Wills Tower and St Mary Redcliffe (both in Bristol) which now have new mounts.  I will photograph those in due course.

Once home I put the groceries away and then our new TV arrived.  We have been meaning to get a new one for a while (our TV was 11 years old, which is ancient for a TV, I think) and we bit the fiscal bullet earlier in the week and bought a 43″ TV, a Toshiba.  The room would ‘take’ a larger screen, but we didn’t want the TV to be even more prominent than it already is. (Our old TV is going to our younger son, as an additional TV for their cosy, 2nd sitting room – it is not going to landfill, and if they find they have no longer any use for it, then it will go to Freecycle.)

Not long afterwards our computer man called to help me with my computer niggles and also to set up the TV for us.  Once that was done I made supper and now I’m feeling rather tired so will say night-night, make a cup of tea for us both, and read my magazines which arrived today.

One of my latest magazines, with the lovely Sarah Raven bulb catalogue (I ordered my spring bulbs earlier in the week) 

House & Garden (October issue) also arrived today … what a beautiful room (above) … again such symmetry, always pleasing to my eyes

We will certainly be having more than our ‘five a day’, won’t we?  Some of these fruits above have been returned to the fridge so that they don’t all ripen together.  I’ve already scoffed two plums, they were delicious, really juicy.

As well as these fruits above, in the fridge there are strawberries (but not raspberries this week as I have found they go squishy too quickly for us to get through a whole punnet of them) and we also have bananas (oh, and some cooking apples in the fridge) not to mention tinned fruit in the larder (pears, peaches, lychees, mandarins and pineapple, and there is always stem ginger to ‘ginger up’ some fruit salad).  It could be said that we like fruit!

And now for that cup of tea,

Until next time.


About Margaret Powling

Margaret Powling
Margaret’s main interests are her husband and family, her friends, her home, her garden, writing, literature, architecture, décor, social history, photography, historic houses and gardens, and towns, villages and the countryside. She writes about the things she enjoys: flowers, scent, fine soap, monthly style magazines, and other such small indulgences, such as afternoon tea or simply enjoying her summerhouse with a book. She invites you to enjoy this virtual visit to South Devon, England.

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  1. Oops I spoke to soon – the name and email address fields are filled in again (by someone other than me) !

    The colours of those wildflowers are very pretty. I hope your husband enjoys his watercolours. His other pieces (shown here and also on older posts) are very good. A nice pasttime – can be done indoors or out, whenever you feel like it and at your own pace.

    I also like the room in your latest magazine. The couches look very comfy. I don’t like rooms which look all stiff and bare as if no one ever uses them or – conversely – rooms that are so styled that you’d be afraid to use them. Mind you, our open plan loungeroom and dining room is a hodge podge of second hand furniture and bits and pieces that we’d never make it into a magazine. That and the cat hair that settles onto everything in between each vacuum (hoover).

    Enjoy your new tv. We bought a new one not that long ago (?) and it is a smart tv which means we can watch on-demand tv from several free Australian channels, Netflix (if we could be bothered subscribing), YouTube and others. Despite this, I find there’s often nothing worth watching ha ha.

    • Margaret Powling
      Margaret Powling

      Yes, the wild flowers looked so pretty yesterday. I hope husband now continues to do painting as he used to enjoy it so much.
      Some of the rooms in the magazine are very grand this month but don’t look as if they would be comfortable to live in, sharp edges everywhere and you feel that if you walked across the carpets or sat on the chairs you would ‘spoil’ the room immediately – that’s not how to live, is it? But the photo I showed is of a well-known interior designer/antique dealer’s home and it is very much lived-in, and looks all the better for it. He maintains that you start at the bottom, with lovely rugs and work the design upwards from those. Oh, for the lovely antique rugs that he has! They didn’t come from IKEA, I’m sure (all due respect to this well-known modern furniture store).
      Yes, our new TV a smart TV, too, You Tube, Netflix (if you pay for this) and others. But this is why we took so long to decide to buy it – are the programmes worth it? The jury’s out on that, I’m afraid!

  2. The wildflower mini meadow is just lovely, I always smile when I see one of these planted up.

    Your husband’s paintings look very pretty, I particularly like the blue tits.

    Chocolate and fruit 🙂 I do like fruit but I like chocolate even more. I haven’t been to Waitrose lately so I haven’t seen the Candy Kittens but I wonder if they are Waitrose’s take on M&S Percy Pigs, which I haven’t tried either. Just wondering 😉

    Lovely sunny morning here, it was chilly first thing but warming up now.

    • Margaret Powling
      Margaret Powling

      Husband paints from other pictures he sees in books … he was an engineer in his professional life and therefore likes things which ‘look like they are supposed to look’ (i.e. not abstract art.) He admits he has little imagination to ‘make up’ pictures himself, so uses photographs and the paintings of others, and sees if he can come up with something even marginally like them.
      Oh my goodness, Percy Pigs … do these companies think we’re all children? Well, I suppose we are, at heart, otherwise we’d not buy such things other than for children, would we? I’ve not been in M&S for a very long time, perhaps over a year; I have to psych myself up to go there, it’s a large store and I can never find what I want. Also the clothes look fine from a distance and then when I get up close and personal many of them are made from awful materials, and most things have their styles ruined by ditsy bits and pieces attached to them, all totally unnecessary in my opinion (I get the impression that they think women like to be dressed as larger versions of little girls.)
      Yes, chilly this morning – we have had the heating on for an hour … only whisper this, it’s still August!

  3. Margaret Powling

    Oh, I like those small assorted chocolate boxes from Green & Black, Linda, I prefer those to the bars of one flavour. I haven’t seen any snuggly throws on offer – maybe our branch of Waitrose is too small to have them, they only have a few items of what I call household wares.
    I had a little run in with Waitrose recently because soft fruit is being sold at the full price on its “Display until” date and isn’t reduced until 4 pm in the afternoon. This is OK if you want to shop after 4 pm (we don’t) and if there are full price items with a longer date on them, but if there aren’t then you either go without the soft fruit or you have to eat it all immediately, neither option being a good one. I wrote to head office and was told that each store is more or less autonomous, and the management team in our store sticks to its guns an doesn’t reduce items until 4 pm. This is fine, I said, for the items which have a longer shelf life – such as carrots and potatoes – but I think reducing the soft fruits a bit earlier would be a good idea. I was told that the management said that the fruit sold anyway, obviously if this is the case they see no need to reduce the items, sadly! But I wonder how many other people have had to throw their soft fruit away, as you found it necessary to do?
    The new telly needs tweaking a bit yet, to get the colour balance just right, but it so far it seems fine. However, apart from it being able to get You Tube (not that I want that) and the internet, etc (ditto) I really can’t see much difference in the quality of the picture. We had a lovely Panasonic before, a plasma screen TV. This one is LED, which I think they all are now. But it is sleeker and doesn’t look to dominate the corner of the room quite as much as the old one.
    Ooh, we’ve a long way to go yet before husband is happy to display a picture he has created! I will have to take pix of the butterflies he painted 20 years ago!

  4. Hello Margaret, it’s so nice that you are back in blogland as I look forward to reading your posts. Those wildflowers are beautiful. Your husband’s watercolors are so, so lovely. I dabble a bit in watercolor botanicals as I love flowers. Congrats on your new TV. I agree with you that there’s not a lot to watch today on cable TV of course my husband watches the news and stock market. I discovered YouTube last year and now it’s my favorite thing. YouTube has a search engine where you can search for anything and that’s where I found the complete shows of “Love in the Country” and others. I’m hooked on old film noir classics and there’s a never ending supply to find via YouTube. Have a wonderful weekend; it’s going to be Labor Day weekend here which signals the end of summer. My best wishes to you, Pat

    • Margaret Powling
      Margaret Powling

      Hello, Pat, lovely to hear from you. Honestly, all the regular readers are just like penfriends now, I feel no matter where we are in the world, we have a place to meet here over a virtual cup of tea and slice of lemon drizzle cake!
      My husband loves to watch things on You Tube … not silly things, he says there are good documentaries on it, not just nonsense. And now with our new TV we should be able to watch a lot of things that before we could only watch on our computers or on the much-smaller smart TV upstairs in the bed sitting room. I don’t know Love in the Country, I shall have to look for that.
      I confess I don’t know the significance, or what Labor day commemorates, but have a good weekend if indeed you celebrate Labor Day. Yes, it’s the end of summer according to the weather forecasters, but I’m of the old brigade who go by the quarter days, so 21st September is the end of summer to me, and the 21st December is the beginning of winter, etc.
      Have a good weekend, Pat.
      PS Have just looked up Love in the Countryside and of course, it’s the reality show where farmers wanted to find a partner. Loved this series, too, Pat! I just didn’t recognise the title. The original series, many years ago, was called The Farmer Wants a Wife, but I suppose that could be considered sexist today, as some were female farmers.

  5. Gosh, that meadow is lovely. The variety of flower colors makes it outstanding.

    • Margaret Powling

      Yes, the small wild flower meadow, which is right by a busy main road, is really pretty, Jeannine. I wish more verges were planted like this.

  6. Margaret sadly the wrong names and emails are still showing.
    Bit worrying.
    Hope you can get it sorted soon

  7. Margaret, wrong names and emails are still showing
    Bit worrying, hope you can get it sorted soon
    Best wishes

  8. testing 123

  9. It’s a test comment

    • Margaret Powling

      Thank you for test comment – maybe others will be able to see whether the emails have disappeared, Allen Rose, from the comments, as they were not visible to myself.

    • Margaret Powling

      Thank you for test comment – again, perhaps readers will be able to check whether emails are not now appearing alongside names on the comments column.

  10. Hello Mrs Powling, I have been very busy since the last couple of weeks so am terribly behind in my reading as you can see!
    Wonderful to see so many posts with your trademark bright and beautiful pictures. The little meadow looks exceptionally pretty.

    • Margaret Powling

      Hello, Kavitha, and don’t worry about being behind with your reading of my posts … I just hope you will enjoy them. The little meadow area, and right by a main road, was very pretty – it’s possibly ceased flowering by now, though, as autumn is here. Indeed, we have been getting the garden tidied up for autumn/winter, but I might write about that next time.

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