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Windy Weather

It has been a blustery few days but still we have had little to no rain, just drizzle which wouldn’t fill a watering can let alone a reservoir.  But autumn is here and the leaves are really beginning to fall now.  This (above) was Cary Park yesterday, a rather pretty park between the villages of St Marychurch and Babbacombe on the outskirts of the large town of Torquay.  We parked close to here so that we could walk to our dentist in St Marychurch for our 6-monthly check-up, and also our visit to the dental hygienist.  All was well, no problems at all (we go regularly, oral hygiene is essential to good health; not keeping teeth clean would be like eating off a dirty plate, would it not?) but I have to have one small filling replaced.  My dentist said it had been ‘damaged’ but it is a very old filling and he said there was no sign of decay, so this is prevention rather than cure.  I don’t mind going, he’s a lovely, gentle dentist and the large My Dentist practice is very bright and cheerful and the staff helpful and welcoming.

During the afternoon we visited a friend who has, within the last week, had a hip replacement operation.  It wasn’t his first, this was a replacement of the original replacement hip joint, but on this occasion he was a true pioneer:  he had been offered day surgery, i.e. having the hip replacement done under a local anaesthetic!  He is retired but in his professional life he was an engineer like my husband and, like most engineers, is a naturally curious person. He was certainly up for this:  being able to chat to the anaesthetists and the surgeon and all those (for it was quite a large team) in the operating theatre for the two hours required for the operation.  Indeed, it was the first such operation carried out in this way in our hospital. Our friend said he had been treated like royalty, being monitored all day long, and in fact, I think he rather enjoyed the whole experience.  Not many people are able to be awake during surgery and hear what is going on even if they don’t see it all.  But the staff took photos and showed him the progress!   He said he could not feel any pain, but he could feel the pushing and prodding, as if he was having physiotherapy.  But what a marvellous thing, to go into hospital at seven in the morning, have your hip joint replaced, and be home in time for tea!

Today, we did the food shopping in Waitroses after we had been to Boots, the Chemist.  I wanted to replace my lip lining pencil, and when the assistant said that there was a Buy-3-get-the-3rd-Free, I fell for it, didn’t I? So bought another lip lining pencil in a different colour and also an old favourite lipstick colour, Shiny Conker.  This is a great colour for winter, a dark brownish red, really autumnal and it looks great with black and navy blue.  I took a photo this evening, but by electric light, so it’s not a good photo. Nonetheless, here it is (with the two lip lining pencils.)

I had some lovely post this morning. A dear friend sent me a couple of books that she has enjoyed as we share much the same taste in novels.

My friend sent me the bottom two (above) and I bought the top two (above).  I am now looking forward to reading all of them, indeed, I’m spoilt for choice.  However, I would say that I’m rather hoping that soon novelists will cease using wives and daughters in their titles, there are rather too many of them.  But I suppose the Wheelwright’s Brother-in-Law doesn’t have quite the same ring to it,does it?

Shopping in Waitrose is always a pleasure, but sadly the flowers today weren’t really what I wanted … some were just too expensive (bouquets of £15 which I knew would hardly last the week)  and others just weren’t looking perky enough.  I don’t want to buy flowers that look like they might even expire on the way home.

After Waitrose, we went to Babbacombe where I visited my podiatrist.  She’s a lovely person and while she worked away on my feet, we had a lovely chat, and after that my feet felt wonderful.  And on Monday it’s my hair appointment, so in other words, topped and tailed (hair, feet and teeth all attended to)!

But autumn is truly here now, with this blustery weather – as I speak, rain is hammering down – and this evening we finished the soup that I made the day before yesterday, courgette and tomato.

This photo from Tuesday when we had the soup with garlic and herb baguette and parmesan

And this evening I decided to put away the summer bedding, i.e. the lovely new light wool cellular blanket, and replace it with our duvets  which I had washed and put away for the summer.  We have a single duvet each on our double bed, and we’ve found this is good in two ways … the single duvets are easier when it comes to changing the covers, and also each of us can curl up in our own individual duvet and not have a draught down the middle of the bed when one of us turns over.

I was rather naughty in Waitrose, I bought some Ritter chocolate (this as well as my usual Lindt bar, which I make last a whole week.) I had been given some Ritter Sport chocolate for my recent birthday and liked it so much I thought I would see what other flavours they have, and bought this (below) .The other small bar I found in a shop in Wellswood, a little treat in store for another day.

The bar on the right really is a tiny bar, it will be just a couple of mouthfuls, so not really that wicked.  But we need these treats now and again, especially when the north (or south) winds do blow, as they are blowing right now.

Until next time.




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Margaret Powling
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  1. It’s very windy here tonight, I can hear the trees blowing around. I’m glad your friend got through the op ok. My Aunt had a hip repair done at 90 years of age and this was done with an epidural due to her age and condition, she complained about the sound of hammering but made a very good recovery! Keep safe Margaret if the wind has come your way too.

    • Margaret Powling

      That is wonderful, that your 90 year old Aunt had the same procedure under a local anaesthetic. At age 90, that is wonderful, what a wonderful lady. Yes, the wind is with us as we speak, roaring around the house and through our walnut tree.

  2. It’s blowing a gale here and pouring with rain. I’ve had to shut the windows right up because it’s so bad when I normally like them open a little bit. I know it’s still quite mild but it feels cooler tonight since the wind and rain started.

    The lipstick looks a pretty colour for winter. I try to remember to put lipstick on but I often forget, I normally remember some lip balm though so that’s something.

  3. What brand is the lip color? I’ve been looking for a red that wasn’t day-glow bright, and that one looks nice.

    • Margaret Powling

      It’s Boots own brand, No 7, Kathy. I know it’s a very ordinary brand of make-up, but I have found it is good-for-the-price and I use Boots No 7 foundation, too. Yes, this is a rusty-red, I love it. It would look good with many colours. I have nothing in grey in my wardrobe right now (I love grey with rusty red) and it looks as lovely with grey as it does with black and navy.

  4. Well, I totally agree about the windy weather. Autumn is definitely here. As I live on the top of Berry Head we catch the fiercest of winds and, indeed, as I type, the wind is positively gusting around the house and the rain is hitting the windows with gusto. I love listening to the rain. We have two very large trees in our garden and they are nearly horizontal!! Here, we have one double duvet which usually results in a lot o,f tugging and arguments in the night about who has the most. Obviously it is Husband but I think, this winter we will get a kingsize for our standard double bed.

    • Margaret Powling

      I had no idea you lived on the wild and windy Berry Head peninsula, Fiona … yes, it will be wild out there tonight! Yes, I love listening to the rain, too. I’d rather have proper rain than drizzle! Now, time for bed, night, night.

  5. I love the Ritter Sport chocolate bars! Have never seen the variety you purchased. Here in the States I can only find three or four varieties. (I live in a rural area) One summer while visiting family in Germany I indulged in Ritter Sport bars galore! I especially enjoyed the mini variety packs. So many yummy flavors!

    • Margaret Powling

      Hello, Gail, and really, although I’ve often seen Ritter Sport chocolate bars for years, I’ve never bought them before. I was surprised and delighted at the quality of the chocolate. My birthday bars were peppermint and rum & raisin, and both were very good. I think there were at least six varieties from which to choose in the supermarket, and they were also on sale in the shop where I bought the other small chocolate bar. Not seen any mini variety packs – will keep a look-out for those! Oh, you mustn’t encourage me!

  6. I had my hip replacement with an epidural, wonderful not having that sickness and coming round feeling from general anaesthetic, one operation where great progress has been made, hope your friend is up an walking around, don’t want muscle wastage. Sarah.

    • Margaret Powling

      That is amazing, Sarah, another person who has had this done. In our hospital it was a first, and our friend had really 5-star-treatment. He was up and walking the same day and is now virtually off crutches in the house, it’s hard to keep him still! But he’s a fit chap, anyway, does a lot of cycling and has a yacht, so he has a lot of upper body (as well as lower body) strength. I don’t think he will allow his muscles to waste, the danger is he might try and do too much to start with.

  7. In my world, chocolate is always necessary!

  8. Wow, hip surgery under local anesthetic. I know it’s much better for but I don’t think I would be brave enough! We all get sucked in from time to time by offers….and then sometimes feel annoyed with ourselves. Your conker lipstick – reddish brown- sounds similar to my Bare Minerals one that has been discontinued. I’m ok for now as I bought two (no offer available when you really need one!) when I heard that they were stopping production but I have to investigate an alternative.
    I see above that Fiona lives on Berry Head, a place I love to walk. The views are amazing – how wonderful, Fiona!

    • Margaret Powling

      Yes, I have returned a few times to Shiny Conker (Boots No 7). It’s not the most expensive but it’s a very good colour and looks good with highlighted blond hair or, as I shall be after this morning’s visit to the hairdresser, highlighted ‘silver’ hair. It is my go-to lipstick, especially for autumn and winter. Yes, that hip surgery is amazing … our friend was interviewed by the consultant many times to make sure he was a suitable candidate for this, being wide awake during major surgery. They didn’t want someone who would throw a wobbly when things started.

  9. The autumn leaves look very pretty. We don’t have such dramatic vegetation here in Australia, or at least on the coast. Further south and in elevated areas (such as the southern highlands, about a two hour drive out of Sydney or the Blue Mountains) have beautiful displays.

    I meant to comment on your lipstick and nail polish in photos on your post about Brixham – very flattering.

    I’m sure I’d want a general anastheitic in such a scenario – a local wouldn’t be enough to keep me on the surgery table ha ha !

    • Margaret Powling

      I’m afraid that is that I would miss most if I didn’t live in the UK, the changing seasons and our lovely trees. Ooh, thank you for your kind comments about my lipstick and nail polish on my photo. I am quite pale and so need a bit of colour in order not to look ill! Today, I’m back to my favourite nail polish, OPI’s Miami Beet. It is a really great colour and I love it with navy (today indigo jeans, white long-sleeved T shirt and my cream blazer which I’ve had about 15 years.
      Yes, I would have to think long and hard about being awake during such surgery, Lara! But being such a nosy person, I think being awake might win!

  10. We’ve had wind but nothing too dreadful, thankfully, plus torrential rain over the weekend but this is not an area that floods. I’m sure the plants appreciated having a good drink.

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