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Royal Nuptials and Other Things

Today we witnessed the second royal wedding this year, that of Princess Eugenie of York, the daughter of Prince Andrew, Duke of York and Sarah (nee Ferguson), Duchess of York.  The bride is the younger daughter of the Duke and Duchess (for a long time a divorced couple but who are – apparently – on very good terms); her elder sister, Princess Beatrice of York acted as her Maid of Honour.

It was a very blustery day, hats were often lifted off heads and one or two went flying across the greensward of Windsor Castle to be recaptured and return to their owners.

Fortunately, though, for the 850 guests and all the staff there today, the rain held off.  Some of the female guests, walking in gravity-defying stilettos up the hill to the Reception in St George’s Hall would’ve had an even greater problem staying upright had the ground also been wet!

It has often been said that blue and green should not be seen, but these two colours look wonderful together (think of grass and sky, for a start). There is even an advert now for a jeweller’s which states that blue and green should not be seen “without a diamond in between!”  And with that there is a lovely array of sapphire and emerald rings.

I regret that some of my photos taken of the TV screen are not brilliant, but at least you can see the colours of the Duchess of York’s green ensemble (much was made of her hat with “chop sticks” pushed through it) and Princess Beatrice’s midnight blue, almost purple, dress and hairband.

Here, on the right in the photo, is *The Princess Royal, HRH the Princess Anne, with the former Meghan Markle now the Duchess of Sussex on the left.  I loved the vibant colour of Princess Anne’s green ensemble, it looked like green brocade to me, but I could be wrong. The Duchess of Sussex was in dark blue (which was reminiscent of Victoria Beckham’s outfit to Meghan’s own wedding last May.)

(*The monarch’s eldest daughter is, by tradition, given the title  – this is in the gift of the monarch – the title, “The Princess Royal”) 

And so I had a most enjoyable morning watching the royal nuptials. I particularly enjoyed the service and I was both surprised and delighted to hear one of the hymns chosen for the occasion was Immortal, Invisible, God Only Wise, which was one of the two hymns we (meaning me!) chose for our wedding.  I’m not religious but I love church music (and in case you’re wondering, the other hymn at our own wedding was Let All The World In Every Corner Sing.)

While the service was taking place, I put a chicken to roast in the oven and as soon as the service was over, I served us a roast chicken lunch.

Roast chicken, stuffing, carrots & turnips mashed together (all on the plates), with gravy, cabbage with butter and nutmeg, and a medley of roast vegetables (small roast potatoes, shallots and parsnips.)  Not a lot when you see it here, but all needing preparing and cooking at different times and last-minute attention.  But, oh, it was worth it, it was so tasty.

There was a stunning sunrise yesterday but it was over all too quickly.  As soon as I’d taken this photo, the light changed to pastel pink and blue and then vanished as quickly as it came.

After which the clouds rolled in and we had rain on and off for the rest of the day.  But we knew that the high winds were going to get even stronger today, and so we decided to do our grocery shopping and then we went to Marks & Spencer for some things, among which were a pair of dark navy blue cord trousers for husband (did I mention that he had a lovely pair of black cords that I made the mistake of tumble-drying? They shrunk!  I’ve always tumble-dried cords to bring up the pile again, but this pair should not have been tumble-dried.  And so he bought what was a replacement pair).  I then saw some cotton pyjamas.

Plain navy T-shirt style top, navy/floral bottoms

Now, I’m not a pyjama person. I don’t very much like the feel of having ‘trousers’ on in bed, as if I’m dressed and ready to go out – I much prefer my cotton nightshirts or a cotton nightie.  But as these pyjamas were very inexpensive I thought I’d try them if only for lounging in of an evening.  I think they will be fine for this, only the cotton is very thin, and nothing like the quality of my husband’s “Sunday trousers”, i.e. lounging trousers that elder son bought him for a present a while back, but there again, I wasn’t paying the price of his “Sunday trousers” from Crew Clothing.

When we arrived home, a parcel from Marks & Spencer had arrived. I had ordered another pair of Per Una straight leg jeans in indigo (my go-to jeans) and two jumpers.  As I’ve mentioned before, I cannot wear wool – it makes me itch – but these very inexpensive jumpers are delightfully soft and, to all intents and purposes, look and feel very much like soft wool, but they do not make me itch.

The scarves are some from my collection of scarves, two of which I’ve had for more than 35 years!  The bottom left is a Jaeger silk one that I bought in the Rowcroft Hospice Shop. 

The red shade is called “Chilli” and I like it very much with navy (and it will be suitable with black, too) and I dug out three scarves to wear with it, to marry the red to the blue.  I find just a bare neck with a round neck jumper isn’t a good look for  the older woman.  Or, as they are quite loose fitting in the size I bought, I could wear a shirt underneath and have the collar showing, turned up of course.

The other jumper is green, in a shade called “Emerald”

Again, I will be able to wear this with my black Per Una jeans.  There are several other colours, and I’ve now ordered two more of these jumpers in a mustard shade called “Ochre” and one in a dark greeny-blue called “Dark Marine”.

I’m now tempted to see what other colours I can buy, plus a pair of grey jeans!  I’m on a roll!

While in the car park at Marks & Spencer I stopped to take a photo of the lovely autumn leaves on one of the trees close to where we had parked our car …

What wonderful autumn colours, and on the chimneypiece I now have alstromeria where last week I had small apricot roses …

And now to make a cup of tea for us both, and go and read today’s paper which husband braved the elements to collect from our local shop (no, he didn’t, ha ha! He went in the car!  But even so he got a thorough drenching just walking up the steps from our garage, which is underneath out sitting room, to the front door.)

Hope you are not being swept away by strong winds and rain, and to those of you in Canada, I’m sorry to learn (from my dear friend in St Albert, Alberta) you already have snow!

Until next time.

PS Reader Donna has asked that I show a picture of my own wedding in October 1964.

My dress was guipure lace, with a train.   No diamond and emerald tiara for me but white satin roses securing my short veil (as was the fashion of the day.)  My bouquet, again small (again the fashion of the day) was orchids, freesias and stephanotis.  It was unusual in 1964 to have colour photographs taken, they were rather expensive, so only two were taken (the other showing the family group.) All the rest are black and white.

Again, until next time.

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Margaret Powling
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  1. Lovely tiara the emeralds in it look amazing. And I love your new clothes. I also have old scarves, but not quite as old as yours. However, I don’t wear them often as I don’t suit them. And grey jeans? yes, a good choice.

    • Margaret Powling

      Yes, it was the tiara that I especially liked, Ratanmurti. I’m not one for jewellery but it looked so beautiful on her very simple hairstyle. I’m glad she didn’t wear long dollops of hair dangling over her face – sorry, Meghan has these and I think they look so untidy and are not at all attractive, but I do like formal hairstyles for formal occasions, hair ‘up’ when wearing a tiara or hat. I think nothing looks more messy than a lot of long dangly hair and a large hat, they fight one another for attention.
      I’m still considering the dark grey jeans and whether they will just look like washed-out black ones! But I do like the jumpers, and look forward to my next two arriving.

  2. Hi Margaret. Thank you for sharing the wonderful photos from the royal wedding. I loved seeing the wedding outfits. Speaking of outfits, your new clothes look very fashionable. The sweaters I’m sure are so comfortable yet warm for winter. I wish we’d get winter here in southern California. It’s still warm and no rain yet although the weatherman says some rain is in the forecast. I loved seeing your photo of the autumn tree leaves as I miss out of the four seasons that I’m used to. We’re off today on a dinner cruise with one of the Housewives of Orange County…a reality show that we don’t watch but one of the stars is an investment specialist who hosts an annual dinner cruise. Enjoy your weekend and its always a joy to read your lovely posts. Pat

    • Margaret Powling

      I always enjoy seeing what the royals are wearing for such events, Pat, and today the clothes were lovely, lots of blues and greens … even the sashes worn by the little bridesmaids had these colours in them.
      Oh, my goodness, a dinner cruise, how glamorous that sounds! I hope you enjoy it! Here we have high winds and rain, not nice at all, but the garden needs the rain (if not the high wind) and power lines down in some parts of the country. I do like the new jumpers and will wear them with my new indigo or my new black jeans. They are not denim jeans, but cotton, and very smooth and soft to wear. When the new jumpers come I will then have to look out some scarves to ‘go’ with them.

  3. Another interesting post. In honor of the latest royal wedding Margaret, maybe you would like to share a photo of your’s and The Husband’s wedding. Perhaps you have already but I would love to see it. I love your new clothes and especially the way you have matched them to coordinating scarves.

    • Margaret Powling

      OK, Donna, you’re on. I will post a photo shortly! I will add it to the end of today’s post.

      • What a lovely lovely lovely photograph and thank you for indulging me! I was delighted to see it. I love the hem in the front – it reminds me of a tulip. Knowing you from your blog, I am certain you selected your dress with care and thought and it is beautiful. Husband is dapper and both of you look so happy! And the fact that you are still happily together is wonderful! Thank you Margaret.

        • Margaret Powling

          Glad you liked seeing the photo, Donna. I tried on only two dresses, the first being one of those awful ‘meringues’ which never seem to go out of fashion for some brides and which I dislike as they are all so puffed up and, to me, a bit childish, like the fairy on the Christmas tree. In those days, dresses were brought to one in a changing room, you didn’t go and ‘finger’ the dresses on the rails, and so the assistant brought me a 2nd dress, the one I chose, which I thought was slender and elegant, a much better style to adopt! The sleeves came to a point, but it’s difficult to see those on that old, grainy colour photo, and the train was attached at the back, along the Empire line, with a flat bow. I wore high heeled white satin shoes.

  4. Thank you for showing a picture from your wedding – how young, sweet, and happy you both look.

  5. Wonderful images! Love your wedding photo, Margaret! You and your husband are the very pictorial definition of “the happy couple”! Have a lovely weekend.

  6. Hello Margaret, your description of “long dollops of hair” made me laugh! Those dollops certainly do spoil Meghan’s look which would otherwise be elegant.

    I have some of those M&S Collection jumpers, they’re very comfortable to wear and wash well. They’re not quite as long as last year’s, I prefer them to be a little longer and was hoping they’d do some v necks too but I haven’t seen any online. A good variety of colours this year. The colours you’ve chosen are lovely and have tempted me to order one in Chilli too. Are the Per Una trousers the plain ones with “jewels” on the front or the sateen ones? I need new trousers for winter so have been looking. It’s always good to get recommendations.
    Your roast chicken lunch looked so delicious, you always present your meals so elegantly. I do enjoy reading your posts, it’s always a delight to see a new one. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

    • Margaret Powling

      I wore the emeral green jumper today, Jan, and it felt really pleasantly soft. I would say that since I last bought one of these a couple of years ago, when it was quite tight, the shape has changed very slightly and although I bought the same size, and although I’ve not lost weight, it is must baggier, and so I’ve now sent for a smaller size for the next two jumpers. But they are certainly good value. The Per Una jeans are the sateen ones (although they don’t shine as you might expect ‘sateen’ to do.) Again, good value for money, I think. They mightn’t be cutting-edge fashion, but they are quite nicely cut and straight-legged.
      I try and make meals look good even just for the two of us, it’s just how I’ve always laid the table (unless we are having a meal on a tray on our knees, as we sometimes do of an evening. Nothing wrong with that at all, provided it’s not all the time I think.)
      I’m glad you enjoy my posts, I’ve just published a new one, Jan.

      • I was a bit hesitant about the ‘sateen’ as I thought it would be a shiny finish which I didn’t want, thank you I’ll now order some. Have a lovely Sunday

        • Margaret Powling

          I do like these Per Una jeans, Jan, and have them in black and indigo. They are often out of stock, so when they’re available I grab a pair. About time I went through all of mine and disposed of the very, very old ones (I keep old ones for housekeeping and gardening, but there’s a limit to how many pairs I can keep!)

  7. Belated congratulations on your anniversary, I love the simplicity of your dress very elegant,just like you Margaret.Thank you for your blog on per una jumpers I’ve been looking high and low for jumpers like those to wear with skirts.(or is it these) ? I’ll be on the m&s website toot suite!We are still enjoying the warm temperatures up here 25 yesterday and 23 today albeit damp.

    • Margaret Powling

      Ooh, thank you, Margaret! Even aged 20 I didn’t want to looked all puffed up like a Yorkshire pudding (well, that wouldn’t be possible as I’m Lancastrian by birth!) I loved my dress and I think it would even look good worn by a bride today.
      I have found that the jumpers are very large for the stated size. I bought one of those jumpers a couple of years ago and it was tight in the sleeves and customers must’ve complained about this, so now they are rather wide, but I think once washed they will be fine. I will see how the next size down goes. I kept the large sized ones because I can then wear a shirt under them. I might even send for the same ones in the next size down, as they are so inexpensive at £12.50 each. It was warm here yesterday, but not as warm as 25C!

  8. You captured that sunrise at the perfect moment, Margaret. What beautiful colors, echoed again in your fall tree shot. And then, the piece de resistance, your wedding photo! Thank you for sharing, and what a handsome couple you make. I love the opening at the bottom of your dress so much!!

    • Margaret Powling

      Yes, reader Donna also mentioned the hemline of my dress, too, Beth. It was just open enough to show my white satin stilettos. It was a very pretty dress, and I still have it even though I can’t possibly get into it!
      We sometimes have the most wonderful sunrises over the sea in autumn, I was glad I was up and able to capture it that morning. And we had just parked under the tree in the Marks & Spencer car park; a good job I have my camera with me at all times (well 99% of the time!)

  9. Your wedding photo is gorgeous ! I love seeing fashions from times past and family wedding photos are amongst my favourite as that is when everyone wears their very best of everything. I have a photo of my family at an uncle’s wedding circa 1971 and all of the younger women (mum and my six aunties) are wearing mini dresses and hairstyles that defy gravity. My grandmother and great grandmother are both wearing hats. I’m not sure why I wasn’t in the photo – maybe children weren’t invited….. Your new jumpers are beautiful. I particularly like the green. I love red but don’t wear it often as many shades of red don’t suit me. I also like wearing scarves. I like the coziness around my neck and the diff colours and patterns can add the final something. I have a vast collection but can only wear them a few months of the year due to our subtropical climate. The radio announcer said it’s 20 deg. C and 99% humidity and it’s not even 9am. I changed into a summer dress yday afternoon as it was so clammy. I think I was a polar bear in a past life !….. The Australian media didn’t seem to make a fuss of Princess Eugenie’s wedding as I only saw one report on the tv and it consisted of only four official photos. Mind you, I haven’t been attentive to the tv news lately and could have missed a lot. I wish them much joy and happiness. It can’t have been at all easy for Princess Eugenie and Beatrice with the worlds press being so vicious to their mother. I wouldn’t trade places with them – or anyone in the public eye – for all the tea in China xx

    • Margaret Powling

      Thank you for your kind comment re our wedding photo. It was a happy day, a very simple ceremony, about 40 guests (we thought that was a lot, but they had to fit into my parents’ hotel where we had the reception, once all the guests had departed after the summer – the hotel closed in the winter.) How funny the early 1970s’ fashions were … mini skirts with piled-up hair! In a way I’m very glad that our wedding pre-dated the mini-skirt era, I’d have hated to have been photographed on my wedding day in a little short skirt as if off to a disco.
      The BBC turned down the opportunity of showing the latest royal wedding, it was only ITV that showed it. As soon as ‘Fergie’, otherwise known as the Duchess of York, arrived, she dashed over to the crowds and everyone cheered. They know she’s not perfect and she’s often had a bad press, but she is well-liked, I think, because of her failings and how she picks herself up again and carries on. But this time, both the princesses, Beatrice and Eugenie, looked lovely.

  10. Your wedding photograph is a perfect combination of grace, elegance and above all happiness. Thank you for all the other pictures too, stunning colours of nature!

    • Margaret Powling

      My goodness, I wrote that post quite a while ago now, Kavitha. I had to have a look-see at what it was about, and I’m glad you liked seeing our wedding photo all those years ago in 1964. Glad you liked all the other photos, too.

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