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A Short Monday Morning Post


We woke up revived after a reasonably good night’s sleep.  I can’t say we exactly jumped out of bed and did press-ups or whatever such exercises are now called, something like “crunches”?  Husband made us  cups of tea, brought them back to bed and eventually we showered and dressed to meet-and-greet the day. Husband made porridge for us, too, while I made the bed.

We then took post to the post office for our sons’ business as one son wasn’t due back from a weekend away (with wife and grandson) until later in the day, and the other son wasn’t coming here today, but working from home.  Disposed of all their post and some  of my own – birthday cards and presents, and remembered to buy some stamps.

Arrived home and phoned the Breast Care Unit at our hospital for a mammogram appointment.  Since having had breast cancer – and anyone who is invited to attend for an mammogram, for goodness’ sake, get this done. IT SAVED MY LIFE. I had no idea I had breast cancer until I had my three-yearly (as it was then) mammogram and by then it was a stage 3 cancer (out of four stages only).  My chances of survival weren’t good.  I won’t bore you with the details of my two-years of treatment, but without that mammogram, as I say, I’D NOT BE ALIVE TODAY.  Anyway, as I was saying, I phoned in response to an invitation to make an appointment for my two-yearly mammogram, and that is all set now for early November.

I then checked my emails and found that I had some comments on my blog, so tried to open the Dashboard on my blog, but to no avail.  I could get the blog, that was easy to do, but the Dashboard page – from where I can approve and reply to comments and from where I write my posts – was missing.  I managed to get it via WordPress, but then any comments from me were signed in as Word Press Nanny (whoever she is!)  I hope I have it back now, but we shall just have to see whether this post is successful and Nanny is replaced with my own name!  We shall see …

Above (top photo) was our lunch today.  I bought a very small chicken, just sufficient for a roast plus a curry for the two of us.  With it today I served roast potatoes, roast parsnips, roast shallots, cabbage (with butter and nutmeg), carrots & turnips mashed, stuffing, and gravy.  We are now both nicely full!

I steam the cabbage, and the carrots & turnips, and when I roast the potatoes, parsnips and onions, I par-boil the very small potatoes and then put all three vegetables into the pan in which I’ve par-boiled the potatoes and add a little cold pressed rapeseed oil, pop the lid back on the pan and give it all a good shake, and then tip the lot into a small roasting tin and pop that into the hot oven.  This way, there is very little fat/oil on the vegetables, and none at all on the steamed veg until I serve them, and then I add a little Normandy butter to the cabbage, and some grated nutmeg, and I just mash the carrots & turnips and add a little sea salt.

Just before lunch, I had a delivery of two jumpers from Marks & Spencer.  I returned the grey one last week as it was not only too large but faulty.  These are to mix and match with the black, dark grey and indigo jeans (and both will look good under my navy blue winter coat, now in it’s third winter.)

A little while ago I parted with a pale grey jumper that I’d bought in Wallis several years ago. I loved it, as there were some nice details. Now, you all know I don’t usually like unnecessary details, but the grey jumper from Wallis had several small buttons up the cuffs, just for decoration. And they looked really nice.  But the material pilled very quickly and so this jumper was used for housework only for two or three years before I eventually put it into the re-cycling box (we can re-cycle old clothes in our Council area.)

These from M&S are ribbed and are in viscose, not wool, one cream (almost white) and the other grey.  I have looked out a couple of scarves which might ‘go’ with them, one with cream in it (only a little but as long as there is some, that’s all that matters), a silky one, and the other with some grey in it, a soft chiffon-style one.  Overall, I’m reasonably pleased with them, as long as I either tuck them into jeans or tuck them up a bit over the jeans, because they are very long. This seems the fashion with jumpers, but these are just shy of being dresses!  Well, they are on me at five foot two inches tall (or short).

The above photo shows the round neckline, which I think will be easier for me to wear than the floppy polo neck of the jumper I returned.  If I order a polo-neck I expect it to fit snugly around my neck, not flop about!

And now to clear up the kitchen after our lunch, make a cup of tea and perhaps go for a walk.

Until next time.


About Margaret Powling

Margaret Powling
Margaret’s main interests are her husband and family, her friends, her home, her garden, writing, literature, architecture, décor, social history, photography, historic houses and gardens, and towns, villages and the countryside. She writes about the things she enjoys: flowers, scent, fine soap, monthly style magazines, and other such small indulgences, such as afternoon tea or simply enjoying her summerhouse with a book. She invites you to enjoy this virtual visit to South Devon, England.

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  1. What useful colours your jumpers are (and pretty scarves too). I hate knitwear that pills – and it’s not always confined to less expensive jumpers either. Now we are well into Autumn, I shall enjoy wearing my cardigan-coats (or coatigans as I have seen them advertised). I’m not keen on bulky winter coats though sometimes, of course, they are the only thing suitable for the temperature!
    Lunch looks very tasty. My favourite vegetable with a roast is parsnip – I could eat them with every meal.

    • I see that your comment has now appeared on my blog without me first approving it. Of course, your comments are welcome and I don’t really need to ‘approve’ but I like to have that option. I’ve no idea what’s gone wrong again. I was told that once I had Blue Host, all would be well, ha ha! Maybe its me and my ineptitude!
      Yes, the colours are ‘useful’, I think. I have a couple of long cardigan coats but they are very old and they are very long, which was the fashion when I bought them from Country Casuals a couple of decades ago, but I do like them. My navy coat isn’t particularly bulky and sometimes, when when it’s very cold, a thick coat is useful.
      I too love parsnips (roasted, of course)!

  2. I love scarves Margaret, I always feel chilly around my neck, and yes a mammogram is a must, I actually got called up for my first one early, I think it was fate, as I would have never known I had breast cancer.

    • Another survivor, thanks initially to a mammogram, Marlene. Yes, they are essential.
      Another scarf person. Yes, they really do stop us feeling chilly around the neck. I often wear one in the house and it’s surprising how warm and cosy it can make me feel.

  3. Hello Margaret, you do seem to have gremlins again. Your post appears perfectly but your two answers to comments are from Margaret Powling! Also the name and email boxes are filled in again, this time it’s Donna MacDonald, her email address is showing, also her website. All very strange. I’ve unticked the box that says save my name etc., so I’m hoping my details don’t show.
    Your lunch looks delicious, your meals are always so nicely presented too. I did notice on a previous post that the pear dish you had on your table is the same as one I have, made by Shorter. I’ve had it for many years and can’t remember now where I bought it from.
    Such good advice about mammograms. My last one was the last one I’ll be invited to, I’ll now have to ring to ask for one every three years. I’ve made sure to make a note of it. When the older we get the more likely our chances of getting breast cancer are it seems somewhat unfair that we’re no longer deemed to be important enough to automatically invite us. There must be many women who forget to request one.
    I’m not one of those people who leap out of bed either, it takes me some time to get my stiff old bones mobile! Do you go to bed early? I noticed you’ve said you’re often up early in the mornings.

    • It is really strange how this happens, Jan. I have been seeing my blog as others see it since yesterday, having to log into Blue Host and use my Dashboard page via the host and not directly. It’s all mysterious to me, I’ve now emailed the webmaster I’ve used in the past to see if he can help me.
      My little dish which resembles pears was made by Fieldings who produced a ware called Crown Devon (nothing to do with Devon, they didn’t produce goods in this county). I have a number of Crown Devon pieces and they are all quite different. My pink lustre bowl is also such a piece, and I have a grape-draining dish (i.e. holes in the bottom of the dish with a drip tray under it) so that grapes can be washed and then put on this dish. Also, a red lustre jug which I have on our hall table.
      Yes, do ask for a mammogram every three years, Jan. This is something about which we can’t take chances.
      Yes, I sometimes wake early but that doesn’t mean I get up early. I am stiff and achy in a morning and as my osteo arthritis developed from an early age (I was in my 20s) I don’t want to sound like a martyr to it, but I’m actually used to feeling like this. Mind you, I didn’t let it stop me doing things! I used to go ten-pin bowling and I played squash, but now a walk is the most exercise I do. I am out of bed now, at my desk in the study tying this, but I shall go back to bed in a moment with a cup of coffee and read for a while.

  4. Enjoy your new jumpers Margaret. Wlth so many well known High St names going out of business it’s a bit sad that when some of our old favourite clothes wear out we’re left with a more limited choice. That said it looks as though M&S has come up trumps for you. Me, I’ve bought a couple of big shawl collared jumpers recently. You are supposed to be able to wear them every which way but I’m going for an aged Bardot look with nothing visible, just nice and cosy, cheap and cheerful (me and the jumpers!)

    • Those shawl collared jumpers sound the business, Heather. Are they wool, though? I’d not be able to wear wool, which is so sad as the nicest clothes are made of the best fibres, such as wool. For us, living far away from the centre of the known universe, i.e. London (I jest – I wouldn’t go there if you paid me) our choice for clothes is very limited. When I used to moan about there being “nothing for me” in the shops husband used to say that of course there was, I only had to look, but then he went shopping with me and admitted he was wrong (that was a first!); all the shops sell the same style-of-the-moment and if that’s not for you, then tough. I have to say the jumpers I bought were cheap which goes against the grain with me; buy cheap buy twice is what I’m always saying, but while I would love to buy better quality clothes, I’ve simply not found any in M&S, and if I need more choice, I have to travel to Plymouth or Exeter and then it’s really more of the same in the stores – and now House of Fraser is closing in Exeter.

  5. The jumpers and scarves look lovely, Margaret. And the roast looks delicious. The cancer gene is big in my family. We have mammograms, and bowel tests. Well, some of us do. The rest do the ignore & hope it doesn’t happen, thing. Or, keep smoking and ignore the dicey lungs.

    It was so fortunate for you that you did all of the right things. So wonderful.

    • Yes, I’m pleased with the jumpers, Ratnamurti, for the price of them for they were what I’d call “inexpensive”. Sadly, it’s not possible to make people take the tests that are often life-saving, is it? Let’s hope that they will remain cancer-free. I have always been a great believer in doing what I can to prevent illness; I have my flu jabs, and used to have smear tests and so forth, always visiting the dentist every 6 months, so not having a mammogram would’ve been unthinkable. I’m so glad I did.

  6. Your new jumpers look very nice with those scarves. As I’ve mentioned previously, our past two winters were so mild I didn’t wear any of my jumpers, needing only long sleeved T-shirt’s and scarves. A shame as I have a number of cardigans and jumpers which I really like – but it will be a happy reunion when I wear them next winter 🙂 … Your roast chicken dinner looks lovely and I’m sure it’s because your table is laid beautifully. I watched the latest video from ‘Inspired by Nikki’ (I was ‘introduced to her by ‘The Daily Connoisseur’) and she has made beautiful roses out of her cloth napkins/serviettes. So I’m all rearing to go now – everything will be wrapped in that style by this afternoon ha ha… Our federal government has a scheme where women over 50 receive free mammograms every two years, with mobile testing units in large pink buses travelling to regional areas like mine. Letters are sent out inviting you to make an appointment. Screening for bowel cancer by way of a faecal blood test you can do discretely and easily at home every two years is also offered to everyone (male and female) for free from the age of 50. We are lucky to live in countries that have such health systems. Our Medicare system is not perfect but provides access to quality healthcare for all Australian residents…. Longer garments seem to be all the rage here, too. T-shirts that are almost dresses and jumpers that flap about your thighs. Perhaps the factories are catering for Amazon women ? …. I’ve read the other comments and wanted to let you know that the name and email which appear below are my details.

    • I don’t know that video, Inspired by Nikki, so I must have a look-see, Lara. I’ve never attempted to make napkins into anything, that would be a step to far for me, I think. I’m happy just to have the ironed and folded alongside the plate, or on the plate. But yes, you’ll be all styled-up by this evening, ha ha!
      Yes, we have the large mobile testing vans for mammograms. It was in one of those in 2004 that I was tested and it was positive. I also do bowel cancer screening every three years with the faecal blood test. Yes, we are so lucky to live in countries that have these health care systems.
      I will mention to the webmaster that the rogue names are still appearing.

  7. Margaret, in reply to the jumper wool, no I bought non wool, I don’t usually but these were good knits. One has a lovely wool like marled texture. From a popular brand called “apricot.” The M&S jumpers you bought are a better weight so I’m sure you’ll do OK with them. Bring on the snow….arghh…!?

    • I will have a look at Apricot brand, Heather. Thanks for mentioning this. Oh, snow … I can’t bear to think of winter! We’ve been ‘promised’ cold weather this weekend. I will do the weekly shop tomorrow and I’ve already got a beef casserole in the oven. I like to be prepared

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