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Errands on Thursday


We awakened to the sound of rain hammering on the window of our bedroom, but as the saying goes “rain before seven, fine before eleven” this was very much the case today.  I think this is because, generally speaking, it takes about 4 hours for a weather front to move to another area.

And so we decided we’d get the errands done today, as we have been ‘promised’ worse weather tomorrow.

First of all, husband had an appointment at our surgery (part of his annual review) and after that we drove to Wellswood so that he could visit his barber.  While he was having a haircut, I had a look in the Rowcroft Boutique, but apart from a pack of Christmas cards I didn’t see anything I wanted nor needed.  But I feel guilty coming out of a charity shop without having spent a penny, so I bought some Christmas cards and a raffle ticket, the prize being a rather nice looking hamper of Christmas goodies.

Today I gave my new Antique Gold jacket it’s first outing.

Not a briliant photo as it was becoming dusk-dark when I took this, and as I don’t like using flash I used natural light and it really isn’t good enough.  Never mind.  It shows what I wore today … indigo jeans, cream (well, off white) ribbed jumper, silk scarf and jacket.  Now the best bit! The young manager in the Rowcroft Boutique admired my jacket and said I looked very glam!  I can’t let such a compliment go by can I? I just have to share that with you.  I thanked her and said I wasn’t sure whether this was ‘my’ colour, especially with silver hair, but no, I was assured it looked lovely.  Being told I looked “glam” at my great age certainly put a spring into my step.

I then went into the post office to look for a birthday card for husband.  Unfortunately, I was unable to find anything I liked but I did find a card for a friend.  At the till the young woman serving me (young enough to be my granddaughter) suddenly, and without any prompting, said, “Oh I love your jacket, you look stunning!”  Her exact words.  So what with “glam” and “stunning” I felt I was walking on air!

I mentioned these lovely remarks to husband.  “Well, you do look better in it than that navy blue quilted coat!” So from now on I might re-consider my navy uniform and branch out into a bit more colour in my old age!  Actually, I must take the quilted coat to a local seamstress to have the sleeves shortened. Why is it that sleeves of women’s coats/jackets are so long, these come to my finger tips and that makes a coat look too large even when the rest of it fits perfectly.  I see this all the time on TV.  Now you look at women wearing coats and jackets, and you will see what I mean.  Seldom are they wrist length.

The Rowcroft Boutique’s windows had been arranged to commemorate Armistice Day and, as always, looked wonderful (considering they only have the items donated to work with.)

After husband had had his hair cut – I go in and have a chat with his barber as he’s cutting husband’s hair; husband has been going to this chap for years and it’s nice to have a little catch-up with him – we drove to Waitrose where, today, I bought some deep wine-red roses.  Unfortunately, the smaller bunches (for there are larger bunches) have only eight roses in them, and so I could only put four in each jug on the mantelpiece as I really didn’t wish to buy two bunches or the more expensive larger bunch.  Tomorrow, weather permitting, I might go and get some skimmia (with berries) from the garden to augment the roses.

I also changed the candles to pale green ones, and these pick up the colour of the two Royal Doulton vases on the plinth of the fireplace.  I quite like the clashing colours of red with the copper lustre, too.

After visiting Waitrose (our trolley bags were admired by the checkout lady, she said she is going to get some – I have used my photo below on my blog before, but for those who haven’t seen these trolley bags, they are really great to use.  Held together with Velcro, they separate so you an easily  put them into the car and then carry each bag into the house.  There are two sizes, for large and small trolleys; these are the smaller trolley size.  They are sturdy and save having a motley selection of old plastic carrier bags.  When I pack – and husband is getting the idea now! – I put all the chiller/freezer items into one of the bags and then when we return to the car, these can then be decanted into the insulated chiller bag in the car) we went to Ilsham Valley.

The trees looked lovely (top photo, although I took this photo a few years ago as I didn’t get out of the car today to take fresh photos, but it looked much the same as this photo was taken at the same time of year). We parked and enjoyed our ‘free’ coffee and shared an egg & cress sandwich.  We know how to live here in Devon, y’know!

Now for an early supper.  I made bolognaise sauce yesterday (grandson came to tea and he enjoys spaghetti bolognaise although instead of spaghetti I used penne so that it would be easier for him to eat) and there is a good portion left for us this evening. That, with freshly grated parmesan and then followed by some Limoncello gelatto sounds good to me!

Until next time.



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Margaret Powling
Margaret’s main interests are her husband and family, her friends, her home, her garden, writing, literature, architecture, décor, social history, photography, historic houses and gardens, and towns, villages and the countryside. She writes about the things she enjoys: flowers, scent, fine soap, monthly style magazines, and other such small indulgences, such as afternoon tea or simply enjoying her summerhouse with a book. She invites you to enjoy this virtual visit to South Devon, England.

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  1. Well your new jacket is definitely a winner ! I bet you felt wonderful after receiving such compliments:) I agree about the sleeve length often being too generous. Mind you, I prefer 3/4 sleeves on tops but with warmer jackets and coats full sleeves are required. Sleeves are often too long for me and it’s not like I have short arms. Perhaps the factories use patterns which are cut for basket ballers. Same with jeans and trousers – most are too long for me but given women’s leg lengths vary I understand. And it’s quite easy to fold under any extra length of denim jeans, no sewing required for me. When I worked in the city I was fortunate to have access to a tailor and could have trousers hemmed properly….The front window display of the charity shop looks beautiful. I agree they do an amazing job. One of our local charity shops made the front page of our local paper due to many of its disgruntled long term volunteers leaving after management imposing massive price rises and other changes which the volunteers felt went against the spirit/ethos of the organisation. I had been in there recently and was shocked to see it looking more like an upmarket boutique with ridiculous prices. I hope that the changes don’t affect the members of the community who rely on these places for social services…. Your roses are very pretty indeed…. I had a lovely visitor yesterday morning – a dear friend who I haven’t seen for about a year. She bought a beautiful freshly baked apricot danish (not gluten free and it was absolutely delicious !) and large punned of strawberries. We drank tea, shared the danish and strawberries and talked our heads off for about two hours. She commented that we always cover so much ground (discussion-wise) when we’re together and solve all the problems of the world ! Friendship is such a wonderful thing. In this fast-paced world of emails, Skype, FaceTime and other great technologies you can’t beat sitting with friends and being together face to face 🙂

    • Margaret Powling

      What a lovely time you had with your friend, and how kind of her to bring a Danish pastry for and a punnet of strawberries. How lovely such meetings are, Lara, friends are to be treasured as I’ve said (and so has Eloise on her blog, This is Sixty.)
      Yes, jeans are usually too long for me, even the short ones! But yes, it was wonderful receiving those lovely comments and when I saw husband’s barber and he gave me the usual hug and social kiss on both cheeks, he said “My, you smell nice!” It was nice to have my perfume admired (Guerlain’s L’heure Bleue) because husband has lost his sense of smell and much of his sense of taste, so has no idea what the lovely perfumes I use smell like, sadly. So being told I smell nice and look glam and look amazing made my day!
      What a sorry tale about your local charity shop, prices should be kept reasonable so that those who simply must shop there can still do so.

      • I had an appointment in a town about 20km from home this afternoon and called into a charity shop nearby. I left with a lovely dress, hardly worn and in a beautiful pattern. It can be dressed up or dressed down, as they say and when I got home I realised I had a light weight 3/4 jacket which will be perfect with it. The dress cost $6 (about £3) ! I was very lucky.

  2. I agree with everybody else your jacket is a stunning colour,perhaps you should treat yourself to have your colours done.Since I had mine done a couple of years ago I wear colours I would never have dreamt of wearing,for instance green. I always wore black but I never wear it now and realise how draining a colour it is. Thus autumn has produced stunning colours just as good as the fall in the states.We are in for a few days of rain now,can’t complain have had a wonderful summer.

  3. I’ve come up as Lara but I’m Margaret!🤔

  4. Hello Margaret, it must be so frustrating for you having these problems with your website, especially as you’ve tried for so long to get it sorted. I can see details for Nancy at the moment. How lovely and uplifting to have those comments about how lovely you look, that jacket is sure to get lots of wear! I hope the weather isn’t too bad for you today and that you can still get out if you want to. It’s good to get out and about even if it’s only to the supermarket and especially if it can be combined with lunch, a snack or a cup of tea. It makes you feel like you’ve had an enjoyable outing. It’s fine here today and quite bright but we have rain forecast for this evening. I hope you have a lovely weekend.

    • Margaret Powling

      Yes, it’s really annoying, Jan, especially when I can’t see these problems with the names, etc.
      We won’t be going out today, I don’t think. Indeed, I have given myself a stern talking to: I need to write my Edwardian Gardens feature that I’ve been commissioned to write. Research is all very well, but then there comes the writing bit! Easy to put that off for too long, I’m afraid. I’m also going to do some cooking (well, that’s the plan!) And yes, it was certainly uplifting to receive such nice compliments yesterday.

  5. I can now see my comment under the others so I’m assuming your comment moderation is also still not working as it should. I hesitated whether to tell you this as I’m sure you must find it annoying and frustrating to keep getting reports from your commenters but if you’ve paid to get the problem sorted then I thought you’d probably like to know.

    • Margaret Powling

      No it seems comments moderation isn’t now working, either. I wish I could get this sorted out. Each time I have work done it costs me a lot of money, so I might have to call a halt to it and hope that in time it will sort itself out. I will try and contact my host and see if they know what’s the matter, too. But contacting companies such as the host is always problematical – there never seems to be an email to use, just forums which are useless to me.

  6. Ah, I’m not surprised the new jacket brought you some compliments Margaret, these brighter colours are uplifting. Feeling a bit wintery up in the lakes just now, we are off to the Theatre by the Lake tonight to see a Mike Harding play in the studio “Comfort and Joy” (his take on Christmas with the family and neighbours, hope we’ll come out smiling…) Keep warm in Devon.

    • Margaret Powling

      It’s not wintery here, Heather, but very autumnal with torrential rain and wind today, but not really cold. Oh, I’d forgotten about Mike Harding (The Rochdale Cowboy!) I hope that is enjoyable, he must be getting on a bit now!

  7. Isn’t it wonderful to receive a compliment on a new item in one’s wardrobe? I make it a point to tell strangers when I love something about their appearance, because I know how good I feel when someone does it for me!

  8. Such nice compliments you received! I was hoping you’d grace us with a picture so we could do so as well!

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