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Saturday Out & About

We went to Totnes this morning so that I could collect my ‘new’ (i.e. pre-loved, euphemism for 2nd hand) ring which had been adjusted to fit.

We parked on the supermarket car park at the bottom of this hilly town and walked (climbed!) up the hill to the jeweller’s, puffing and panting all the way.  I am delighted with my ring. It now fits neatly, with my wedding ring and my engagement ring.

After that we walked back down the town and husband suggested we get a cup of coffee, and so we popped into Anne of Cleves.  I’ve shown you this tea room before, but I managed to take just one pic of part of the window with it’s display of cakes (but only one here, chocolate fudge cake).  It was packed with people, but we managed to find a vacant table and ordered coffee and scones.

It is truly like stepping back to the 1950s, there are plain wood tables, stick-back chairs, a red-patterned carpet, and plain white walls with pictures and plates on them for decoration.  Today, it being such a dull day, there were little tea lights and vases of flowers on all the table, it looked so cosy.

We then went back down the hill to the car and husband asked whether there was anywhere else I wanted to go? This was unusual insofar as he normally wants to get right back home, and so I said I’d like to go over to Wellswood and drop off the books I had in the boot/trunk of the car at the Rowcroft Boutique.

So off we went to Wellswood and parked some distance away from the shops, it being a busy Saturday morning there being no parking spaces closer to them.  We handed over the books and I had a very swift look around but I saw nothing I wanted/needed today.

I really need to be on my own when having a good look-see, husband was already champing at the bit …

Then I went into the pharmacy as I wanted to replace my face powder.  I used to use loose face powder as I loved the coverage it gave even though it’s a messy way of applying powder to one’s phizzog.  And so a few years ago I started to buy block powder again, and the cheapest (which I actually found very good), Rimmel.  I used to buy it in this particular pharmacy but they’ve ceased stocking it and now only have Max Factor.  They didn’t have the translucent one I like, but I found a pale colour which I am sure will be fine.

I notice that there is now a little note on the box to say “Since 1953”.  I think Max Factor was the first to produce solid powder. I remember what an innovation it was – I was nine years old in 1953 and can clearly remember such things.  Until then women used loose powder, from a powder bowl on their dressing table or a ‘drum’ of loose powder, which left a dusting of the powder not only on the face but all over the dressing table and often one’s clothes, too.  To touch-up the powder during the day, they would scoop some into their compacts which then had a little gauze strip to place over the loose powder to hold it in place, not particularly effectively.  Indeed, compacts – in the days before solid powder – were very messy objects indeed.

I used loose face powder myself until recent years.  I used to buy Revlon translucent powder, which was put on the market in the 1960s, and in more recent years, Boots No 7 loose powder, but I’ve now decided that solid powder is absolutely fine to use. I don’t need a lot, just a little to remove any ‘shine’.  ‘Shine’ is fine (that could be a new slogan!) for youth, but when you are my age it simply looks like you’re having a hot flush/flash!

So having creme puff, with it’s distinctive powdery scent, too me back over 60 years!  It was worth paying more for this than I had previously done for Rimmel just for this journey back in time! I have photographed this little box of pressed powder on my Jaeger scarf, somehow it looks Very 1950s, too.  (As well as this, I do have a pretty Charlotte Tilbury compact for my handbag.)

I hope you are enjoying your weekend,

Until next time.




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Margaret’s main interests are her husband and family, her friends, her home, her garden, writing, literature, architecture, décor, social history, photography, historic houses and gardens, and towns, villages and the countryside. She writes about the things she enjoys: flowers, scent, fine soap, monthly style magazines, and other such small indulgences, such as afternoon tea or simply enjoying her summerhouse with a book. She invites you to enjoy this virtual visit to South Devon, England.

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  1. Oooo how I love ‘ Anne of Cleves ‘ !!! In fact when I saw the photo I knew exactly where it was taken!! If we go to Totnes that’s our teashop of choice. Love their teacakes and scones. I was in the Rowcroft shop on Thursday – they had a nice looking tea service by Hutcshenreuther in cream and gold. I eyed it longingly as it was in cream and gold, a combination I love, but my head overruled my heart and there it stayed. Maybe one day…………!

    • Margaret Powling

      Yes, they do lovely teacakes in Anne of Cleves, too. Have you tried Grey’s at the top of the town? We love it there, too. But not been up there for a long time. Oh, what a shame you let your head rule your heart over the sea service, but sometimes we do have to be sensible, I know! I didn’t stop in the shop long enough to have a good browse today, unfortunately (but there again, considering all the things I’ve bought recently – the ring, my coats (3), jumpers (8, if you include the ones that were slightly too large but which I kept), jeans (3) and of course, my hair and my nails, not to mention books and magazines and flowers – it was a good thing I didn’t see anything I wanted/needed!)

  2. Some years ago I stopped using powder all together. I used loose powder for years and felt like I really needed it (first foundation and blush, then the powder). Now I don’t even use foundation! I use BB cream instead and a little blush – no powder. Part of it is that my face isn’t as oily as it was when I was young. Part of it is that sometimes powder made my face to dry and then it became flaky. Your ring looks lovely.

    • Margaret Powling

      BB cream? I’ve not heard of that, Jeannine – I will Google it. I tried a moisturizer that was slightly tinted (L’Oreal) but it made me look as if I was all hot and bothered. Yes, I have used a foundation which doesn’t require powder but I still felt I looked greasy, but I have to admit, powder if not used correctly just to correct too much shine, can look flaky. I do have a rather nice blusher from Bourjois that I sometimes use.
      PS I’ve just looked up BB cream. I’d not heard of it? Where have I been not to have heard of Blemish Balm (or other things that it’s called?) I have now ordered some, one by Garnier. No idea whether this will be as good as Bare Minerals (which is the company that I know a lot of people swear by for good quality products) but it’s not expensive and I can give it a try.

      • Somehow as I’ve gotten older I don’t feel the need for foundation like I did when I was younger. BB Cream works find for me as I find it a sheerer coverage and looks better, to me, than foundation does (now). Things do change as we age, don’t they? Some for the better (like this make-up thing) and some not so good.

        • Margaret Powling

          I’m now looking forward to sampling the BB cream, Jeannine. I don’t use much foundation, just a very light covering so you can hardly notice it, it just evens out the colour. Yes, things change with age, some some good, some not so good unfortunately. Best to concentrate on the good, eh?

  3. Margaret,
    Your rings are beautiful!! It sounds like you had a lovely outing. I know what you mean about being on ones own to have a thorough browse in the shops. I am going to make a batch of scones this weekend. We haven’t had any for awhile and they are so nice to enjoy with a cup of tea.
    I have two outings booked to enjoy Christmas tea, both will be enjoyed with dear friends and will provide an opportunity to catch up and relax amid all of the holiday rush! Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

    • Margaret Powling

      Thank you for your compliment regarding my new (well, old!) ring. How loely that you have two outings booked for Christmas tea, what a great idea. We are off out to lunch today, so no doubt I will report back on that in my blog in due course. Enjoy your scones!

  4. I think it must be in the stars. My husband was in the mood for a mooch around the shops!

    I’d planned a trip to the butchers and it was done in record time. He then decided he’d come with me to have a look for a Secret Santa present that I need for next Saturday. Work Christmas potluck and gift swap. Husband’s are permitted to attend and he’s met the husband of the nurse hosting it.

    There are no really good tea rooms in our area. Too many Tim Hortons and Starbucks.

    Enjoy what’s left of your weekend.

    • Margaret Powling

      I wonder what you chose for your Secret Santa present? And how nice your husband actually wanted to go shopping with you. I do know of Starbucks, of course, although I’ve never visited one, but I’ve not heard of Tim Hortons. I know so many now offer all kinds of coffees, jazzed up so that they look more like liquid cakes to me, with mountains of cream on top. What’s wrong with plain coffee? Quality coffee that tastes like coffee and not toffee?
      Yes, you enjoy your weekend, too, Linda.

      • Secret Santa done and dusted. I tend to bury what I’d like to receive, so one tin of Belgian chocolate biscuits, a mini tin of loose English Breakfast tea and a Christmas plate to put the biscuits out on. I will probably wind up with a musical reindeer, lol.

        Tim Horton’s is a Canadian coffee shop chain. Do everything from normal coffee to the singing, dancing, seasonal frothy mess. Famous for their doughnuts. But now do breakfasts and soup and sandwiches. Basic, functional shops. The chain was started by a former NHL player when he retired and spread across the country in the 1970s and early 80s. Unfortunately it has been bought by an American company. So, if you ever hear someone order their coffee “double, double” It’s a Canadian wanting two sugar, two milk.

        • Margaret Powling

          Oh, that’s so funny, Linda … you buying tasteful things and possibly ending up with a singing reindeer … a bit like the singing fish that was so popular over here a few years ago! Truly awful, but fascinating in it’s awfulness! There comes a point when kitsch becomes the thing to have!
          I’ve never heard of “double, double”! Two sugars, two milks, sounds dis-gus-ting! I can’t bear sugar in drinks, sugar ruins tea and coffee!

  5. The front window of the cafe looks lovely. It sounds like you had a fun outing. I like browsing in charity/op shops but not if I’m feeling rushed. We’re enjoying a lovely spring day here – temperature and humidity are comfortable. We had very heavy rain and lots of thunder last night. My cat was terrified and I ended up with my neighbours’dog at my back door, barking his head off and also terrified. They get quite scared during the storms. Dog was quickly restored to his owner, so quick in fact that my cat didn’t even realise her nemesis was in the house.

    • Margaret Powling

      It is a very pretty tea room, Lara, and I usually try and photograph all the lovely cakes, but I had to be swift yesterday as the place was crowded and I didn’t wish to draw attention to myself, taking photos. Oh, your poor cat and even the poor dog, being so frightened. Your cat must’ve been frightened if she hadn’t even noticed the dog at the back door! It’s chilly here this morning but the dull start has changed to bright blue sky and sunshine, which is just lovely.

  6. I loved this post Margaret, full of interest and nostalgia.
    Your photos are excellent, I can picture myself there with you.
    Best wishes,
    Pam in Texas.x

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