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Storm Erik

Storm Erik is still buffeting our home as I speak.  It’s been very blustery and very wet indeed.  But we’d said to our younger son that we’d dog-sit Barry-the-dog today as son had a dental appointment and daughter in law was working.

And so we were up earlier than usual, no second cup of coffee in bed with my book or a magazine.  First, to The Range for dishwasher tabs and then on to Waitrose for our food shopping and where I also bought flowers.  The Valentine’s Day products are now on display in the entrance …

… and in another area, all the bottles of wine, especially champagne and more chocolates.  But one photo of these indulgences is quite sufficient, I think.

We then dashed – well, “dash” is perhaps over-egging it; when you’re our age and pushing a heavily-laden trolley there’s no such thing as “dash” – back to the car through the pouring rain, and while husband put the trolley bags into the boot/trunk of the car, I put the trolley back in the trolley park, not that far away.  By the time I’d returned to the car I was well soaked.

We then drove to younger son’s home and dog-sat Barry …

Here (above) he was just about to nod off while husband read the paper.  He’s a middle-aged doggy now and not quite as mischievous as when he was a teenager, but he can still be a handful, as all terriers are (in case you’re wondering, he’s a Patterdale Terrier, which is similar to a Jack Russell).  Our daughter in law said that he had looked out of the window and had begun to bark a good five minutes before we arrived!

Son returned home in a little over an hour, having been to the dental hygienist, and we then came home.  By which time it was windy but the rain had momentarily ceased and we were able to unload the car without being rained upon again.

I bought red flowers today …

I know, I know … I’ve said red flowers look wrong in our sitting room, but it was such a dull day and these looked so vibrant … I bought alstromeria (which, now they’re in a vase, look more rust-coloured than red) and tulips (which are a deep scarlet.)

I love tulips, they are so elegant and they seem almost to arrange themselves.  The other bunch is, for the time being anyway, on the kitchen table.

And the dessert apples we have been buying are the Jazz variety, and we just love them.  Crisp, sweet and juicy, just as we like them.  I couldn’t resist having one as I put the goods away.

I also bought …

… in which are some interesting homes this month, really quite quirky.  I will be reading this later by the fireside.

The other indulgence, if hand lotion is classed as an indulgence, is one from Sophie Allport’s  new range or toiletries (and which are on sale in Waitrose) …

I tried this on my hands this evening and while it is smooth and sinks into the skin nicely, I’m not totally convinced that I like the fragrance.  I will have to try it a few times, it’s different from anything else I’ve smelt as hand lotion, that’s for sure.  I feel certain, however, that I will return to my old favourite, Nivea.

And now, off for a warm shower, then into my nightie and wrap, a cup of tea, and I will await Grantchester. 

I hope you will have a good weekend.

Until next time.


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Margaret’s main interests are her husband and family, her friends, her home, her garden, writing, literature, architecture, décor, social history, photography, historic houses and gardens, and towns, villages and the countryside. She writes about the things she enjoys: flowers, scent, fine soap, monthly style magazines, and other such small indulgences, such as afternoon tea or simply enjoying her summerhouse with a book. She invites you to enjoy this virtual visit to South Devon, England.

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  1. It was very windy this morning and also raining, the combination guaranteed to destroy umbrellas. It did. By the time picked up our friends to go for lunch, the wind had dropped but it was drizzly. But when we left their house later at about 4.30pm, the sun had come out! Not brightly, but it was quite a nice late afternoon surprise.
    I always think what lovely colouring Barry has.

    • Margaret

      The weather has calmed down a bit this evening, Eloise, but I think this storm has been more or less all over the country. Yes, Barry has lovely colouring, he’s a dear little fellow.

  2. Hi Margaret! You have certainly made the best of your day, in spite of the dismal weather. And to have the honor of spending quality time with Barry must have been the cherry on top! He sounds a very sweet dog. I assume he doesn’t handle being alone well, though. Good thing he has you and your husband to keep him company! Your flowers are beautiful, and your sitting room is looking lovely, warm and welcoming. Do the two pitchers have the same maker? They are pretty. Glad you were able to get your fireplace working again. I also like your new striped tops! Enjoy your magazines. I splurged on two issues of The Cottage Journal recently, and I shouldn’t have. I liked it at one time, but was very disappointed. The homes didn’t seem very cottage-like to me. Guess I was thinking more in terms of English cottages. Ah well, live and learn. I hope you have a good weekend, too! Bess

    • Margaret

      Oh, Bess, ly do we need to dog-sit, only if they are going somewhere where they really can’t take a dog.
      There are no factory marks on the pitchers, but I suspect they were made in Victorian times by one of the many potteries operating at that time.
      I don’t know the magazine The Cottage Journal, it’s not one we have over here, but I’m sorry you were disappointed with it and the cottages weren’t cottage-like at all.

  3. Your tulips are a very appropriate color for Valentine’s Day. And they are quite lovely. Must have been a bad storm to be named – or are all your storms named? I really enjoy Grantchester.

    • Margaret

      I hadn’t thought of the tulips as being appropriate for Valentine’s Day, Jeannine, but I suppose they are! Actually, there’s another day round about not far more important to us, and that is the anniversary of the day we met which I think of as being our ‘real’ anniversary, as we’ve been together since then. I’ve no idea why storms are named, possibly simply to differentiate them from the last one if it’s close on the heels of one we’re already experiencing. I believe that the Irish Met Office names Erik.

  4. Keep forgetting to read your blog,I’m always looking at your lovely photos on Instagram. Weather up here has been very windy and we have lost two fence panels. We are going to invest in a proper fence with concrete posts.We had it done at the back of our house and that has survived the 60 knot winds we have been experiencing.Sun is shining today but housework beckons,husband is at work. Might venture out for a walk this afternoon or might settle down with a good book and cup of tea. Have a lovely weekend.

    • Margaret

      Don’t fret that you keep forgetting to read my blog, Margaret, I do this all the time even with some of my favourite blogs! It has been chilly here today in Torbay, but I think the blustery wind caused that. Fences are a pain, aren’t they; no matter how securely they are erected, the wind often causes them to be blown down. We’ve been out this morning, but I will be writing about that shortly in today’s post. You have a lovely weekend, too.

  5. I pegged washing out this morning because it was sunny and blowy (with extra pegs) and the weather forecast said no rain until 4pm. Then we went to my daughter’s to dog sit. It rained at 1pm. So now the washing is all draped round inside again. I wish they’d just say it was going to rain and be done with it!

    • Margaret

      It has been raining on and off all day, but this morning, while we were out for a couple of hours I really thought we’d seen the end of the rain for a while, but as soon as we arrived home, it started again. We just made it home before we got another drenching, as we did yesterday! It’s so annoying when you’ve done a machine load (or two or thee) of washing and have it all to dry. We have a tumble dryer in the garage but I dry ‘smalls’ in the airing cupboard.

  6. I don’t have a tumble drier so I have to drape things round the radiators and on an airer. Almost dry now though.

  7. I was delighted to see Barry again. He is adorable. It was very good of him to let your husband rest the newspaper against him ha ha. My cat is sprawled along my torso as I lay in bed enjoying catching up on your posts. She is purring away, quite comfortable as my arm and neck are at awkward angles so I can read without disrupting her. No, she’s not spoilt 😉

    • Margaret

      Barry is lovely, he’s seven now, quite a middle-aged doggy! Yes, he kindly allowed to read the paper! I read my books and the time flew past. What a lovely picture you paint, in bed with your dear cat and catching up with my posts! I still miss not having cats, but I don’s miss having the cat flap propped open, summer and winter, as our cat Oliver was too thick to understand how to open it!

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