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500th Post Giveaway – Re-Draw 18th February 2019

You may recall that when I wrote my 500th post some weeks ago I offered a books giveaway.  42 people entered this giveaway and the winner was Margaret Simpson but although I posted this on my blog, and emailed Margaret no less than on three occasions she hasn’t got back to me and so I have been unable to send her the books.

And so I took the decision to have a re-draw.

Husband with all the numbers in a hat (the numbers corresponding to the names on my list of those who have entered the draw)

Husband did the honours again, this time not using his Panama hat but his old black winter hat (which, like the gardening clothes he is wearing, has seen better days!) …

and the winner is Beth (she doesn’t give her surname on her comments, but I have her email and I have just written to let her know she is the winner; I hope that Beth will now get in touch with me via email, letting me know her address, so that I can post the books to her.)  So, congratulations to Beth!

If by any chance Margaret Simpson gets in touch I will send her a book, but it won’t be the two books that were in the giveaway draw.

Until next time.




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  1. Yay, from a very happy Beth! 🙂 I’m looking forward to their arrival, Margaret, and thank you very much!

  2. Your giveaway such a lovely idea Margaret and I hope the recipient will be delighted. I have the Roy Strong book and enjoyed it tremendously.

    • Margaret

      Beth has been in touch, and the parcel of books is ready to go to the post office already, Margaret. I hope it won’t be too long before I have a giveaway again, as I think they’re fun to do. I love the Roy Strong book, it’s one I can read over and over again, and I hope that Beth will enjoy it (and the John S Goodall book, which is a picture book for adults or children.)

  3. That’s lovely to redo the draw, Margaret xxx

  4. Shoot, I missed again! Good on Beth though.

  5. Congratulations to Beth 😃

  6. Congratulations, Beth. hey are lovely bvooks and I’m sure you will get a great deal of pleasure from them.

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