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A Movie and a Meal

The weather has changed, we’re back into winter again, chilly winds and torrential rain. Indeed, it’s been named “Storm Gareth” but, thankfully, the weather cleared when husband got the car out of the garage and we drove off to see the film/movie, The Aftermath, this afternoon at Dartington.  And also, it was fine and sunny when, a couple of hours later, we emerged from the cinema.

We both enjoyed the film which hasn’t had glowing reviews. But what do these critics know?  I thought it was a lovely film (if “lovely” isn’t damning with faint praise?)  It was my kind of film, one about relationships forged during difficult times.  This film is based on a true story although I expect what we saw today actually bears little resemblance to the events in immediate post-war Hamburg in 1945.  It was certainly better than either Colette or The Friendship, we really enjoyed it.

We returned home at 4.30 pm and had coffee and cheese biscuits (Carr’s Melts, which we are partial to) on which I put some Philadelphia with chives.  It was lovely to have this lovely cream cheese again.  I don’t buy Philly Lite, it’s disgusting stuff. I think they just whip the original and add water to it, as when you spread it on bread or biscuit, it just disappears.  If you want to cut down on the fat, just have less of the real stuff.

The tulips which I bought last Thursday have now opened and are looking beautiful, more like poppies than tulips.

For supper this evening I offered husband a choice (who’s the lucky one!)  He could have prawn curry which I would cook for both of us, or he could have a ham salad with new potatoes which I would prepare for him while I would cook spaghetti with a home-made tomato sauce for me.  I know that the second option would involve more work for me, but it’s hardly onerous to make husband a salad, is it?  He chose the salad – I somehow knew that he would – and so prawn salad will be on the menu tomorrow.

I love wholewheat spaghetti with a rich tomato sauce and for the sauce today I used a can of cherry tomatoes. I chopped and sauteed a large onion, added the can of tomatoes, added dried basil and a veggie stock cube, about a dessertspoon of tomato puree, and a sprinkling of sugar to remove any bitterness from the tomatoes.

When it was cooked, just a few minutes later, I added two dollops of creme fraiche.  It was lovely, served with freshly grated parmesan, while husband enjoyed ham with apricot chutney, beetroot salad, a mixed salad, ripe vine tomatoes with fresh basil and sea salt, and new potatoes with butter and parsley.

We don’t often have dessert, but this evening, as I loaded the dishwasher and tidied the kitchen, husband peeled and cored two ripe William pears for us.  A lovely clean-tasting dessert after the spaghetti.

And now I will have a warm shower so that after we have watched the penultimate episode of the latest series of Shetland I will be ready for bed. Night, night.

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  1. Gee your table and dinners look so colorful and lovely. Well done!

  2. Hello Margaret, please do try the food hall at the Willows M&S. They have a large selection of the type of food you would enjoy and also sell well known brands along side their own labels. Lovely displays of foods at the entrance, a flower shop, magazines, and no music. You can also collect loyalty points for discounts. Fully accessible on ground floor. The cafe, selling delicious light meals, and drinks and cakes, is on the first floor (lift/escalator) with adjacent facilities. I have a feeling this is your kind of shopping experience! Best wishes, Samantha

    • Margaret

      Thank you, Samantha, for mentioning the Willows M&S. We have visited there but not often, so we will give it a go, as they say. Perhaps for things we’ve been unable to find (if any) in Sainsbury’s. I didn’t know they sold brands other than their own, so I’ve learned something today, so thank you for that. WE have visited the cafe, too, and yes, it’s rather nice if a little noisy at busy times. Thank you so much for leaving your comments, Samantha.

  3. Could you try Oakhampton or Exeter Waitrose? I know it’s propably an hours journey for you but maybe you could go fortnightly? I can’t imagine you shopping anywhere else except Waitrose. Brighter day here today but still windy.Got absolutely soaked yesterday going to my volunteer job.

    • Margaret

      I think if we were going to Exeter, Margaret, we would go to Waitrose as well, but I do think, especially for husband (now 83) it would be too much of a journey, and we do tend to shop together. The Sainsbury’s we went to was fine,they had much of what we buy and I’m sure they would have other things which we’ve not yet discovered which we will like; it’s just the building that is like an aircraft hanger … they inherited it when they bought out the previous supermarket that was there which, I think, all those years ago was a branch of the Co-op.

  4. Looks as though you’ve sorted your shopping trips Margaret and as others have said you can always have a Waitrose home delivery if you feel you are missing out on anything. As for M&S they do offer a good range of products, if you ever take a day trip to Exmouth M&S have a very nice solo food hall on the seafront with parking and a coffee shop. Our local Waitrose has a dismal café and although I like the food etc. they offer it’s quite cramped in the shop, so you have obviously had a nicer shopping experience. Funny how we all get into these shopping routines in places we like! I suppose we’re lucky to have so much choice.

    I will look up the film you saw, I am out of touch with the latest ones. I expect Dartington is a nice venue to watch films.

    • Margaret

      I think with the home delivery, Heather, you have to live within the vicinity of a Waitrose, as the food will come from that store. If there isn’t a store, then no delivery. But I will find out about this. Strangely enough, I wasn’t keen on the Waitrose in Teignmouth which we visited on a couple of occasions and the cafe looked depressing there, too. Yes, we are very lucky to have so much choice, and so much excellent food. When I complain about losing Waitrose it is of course personal, and I feel for those who have lost their jobs, but then I think of those in war zones, or where natural disasters have occurred or, currently, in Venezuela with all the problems there and think how fortunate we are.
      Yes, Dartington’s Barn Cinema is a nice venue for a film. No frills, no popcorn, no ices, but a comfy cinema. Look up Dartington’s Barn Cinema on the internet, Heather, and you will see a photo of inside the cinema (in a 14th century barn!)

  5. I agree with your sentiments about eating ‘full fat’ products rather than the ‘light’ versions. I think that much of the ‘light’ is taken with artistic licence – manufacturers and advertisers blinding us with ‘science’ leading us to think we’re being healthy. For years we were told not to eat butter but rather margarine, then not margarine but butter, then the ones with addd ingredients to ‘lower your cholesterol’ and bla bla bla. My general philosophy is to eat fresh, simple, healthy foods and enjoy it. No fiddling with phones or watching the tv while you eat, either. Sit at a table. Focus on how your food looks, tastes and feels in your mouth. If you really want chocolate or ice cream or cake then choose something of good quality and really enjoy it. None of us are perfect and we all need treats 🙂

    Glad you enjoyed the cinema. I haven’t been for a few weeks as there hasn’t been much to tempt me at our local one-screen cinema. I saw ‘Green Book’ with Viggo Mortensen and enjoyed it immensely. It won an Oscar but I can’t recall which category. I don’t always agree with the critics’ reviews, either, but like to read them all anyway.

    • Margaret

      I am sure that the ‘light’ versions are bulked out with things which perhaps do more harm, Lara, more sugars for example. They have to have something to bulk them out, don’t they? I think your philosophy is the right one. To eat fresh, simple, healthy food – or what we perceive to be healthy. And, as you also say, eating at table, without mobiles or devices.
      I did think about booking for us to see Green Book, but didn’t. I’m glad you enjoyed it. No doubt it will be on TV in due course, when I will then have a chance to see it.

  6. I agree with you completely, just like a reader before me, when you say, eat full fat but eat less if you have to.
    My husband and I have watched the previous seasons of Shetland on Netflix and really enjoyed it. We have been eagerly looking forward to the next season and I’m very happy to know it’s out ☺️ l love the Scottish landscape, detective Perez and his assistant ‘Tosh’.

    • Margaret

      I think I only looked on iPlayer for the previous seasons of Shetland, perhaps I could find them on Netflix? I shall look anyway. We really enjoyed the new season. Indeed, the final episode was last night but I wasn’t well enough to stay up and watch it, but I shall watch it today. I thought the landscape was rather too bleak for my liking, but so far up into the North Sea, is it surprising there is a lack of trees!

      • Yes, all the previous seasons are available on Netflix.
        Thanks to Netflix we are getting to enjoy a lot of British TV series 😊

        • Margaret

          That’s good news. We used to subscribe to Netflix and now only subscribe to Amazon Prime, but at least I now know that we can watch Shetland on Netflix if we wish to subscribe again.

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