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Interim Report

Just a brief message to everyone to say that I am much better after having had a tooth problem.  I will expand on this (but not too much) when I next post, but right now I’m unable to download photos to Picasa from my SIM card in my camera.  I have no idea why, but until my computer man can rectify this, I can’t use new photos which is what I always try to do.  But I will post again as soon as possible (and thankfully, I’m now pain free … it was all the fault of some apple skin.  And I thought apples were supposed to be good for us! Not when they slice into our gums, they’re not!)

Until next time.

About Margaret

Margaret’s main interests are her husband and family, her friends, her home, her garden, writing, literature, architecture, décor, social history, photography, historic houses and gardens, and towns, villages and the countryside. She writes about the things she enjoys: flowers, scent, fine soap, monthly style magazines, and other such small indulgences, such as afternoon tea or simply enjoying her summerhouse with a book. She invites you to enjoy this virtual visit to South Devon, England.

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  1. Greetings Margaret, I’m so happy to hear that you are feeling better. Hopefully, you will get your photos back and be able to post again. If I may speak on behalf of all your readers, we love seeing all the beautiful photographs that you share. Regards, Pat (aka pjshakes on Instagram)

    • Margaret

      Thank you so much, Patricia, and yes I guessed that pjshakes on Instgram was yourself. Glad you like my photos, and that others also like my photos. But like a modern magazine, articles are photo-led and that is how I’ve always written my blog. But as magazines are wont to say … coming soon, features on some new items, a visit to a ‘new’ supermarket, and advice from a dentist, ha ha! I felt awful yesterday, max’d out on painkillers the day before, but now almost back to normal although rather tired this evening, so I will be heading off to bed very soon.

  2. So pleased your tooth problem is resolved. Sorry to hear this is replaced by computer dramas! Take care. Your posts are, as always, so good and so well written and interesting to read.

    • Margaret

      Teeth and computers, we can’t live without them but they do cause problems, don’t they, Jill? Glad you like my posts and delighted you think they are well written. I always try and use the correct English, it’s the grammar school education coming out!

  3. Margaret I have missed your posts and wondered how you are. Hope you feel 100 % asap xx

    • Margaret

      Thank you so much, Elaine D. It has been lovely to receive such kind comments during my ‘absence’ as it were, and I’m reassured to know how much readers enjoy my blog. I’m already feeling much better, thank you. I’d not have though a tiny sliver of apple skin could’ve caused such pain.

  4. I’m so sorry you’ve had a tooth problem. I managed to chip a tooth at the weekend – not sure how! I think I may have a new alter ego looking at the name and e mail in the box, I’ve never been called Nancy before not even by my much loved grandmother!! Fiona x

    • Margaret

      Oh, dear, another name working its way in. I wish I could put a stop to this but I have no idea how. Fiona. I wonder what happened to the other name, wasn’t it Kathryn? Obviously Nancy has taken over. Sorry you have chipped a tooth, but perhaps a filling will put that right, or it might have to be a crown.

  5. Hi
    Hope you are getting better – love the blog and don’t like to think you’re in pain
    Chin Up!

    • Margaret

      Thank you, Heather. The pain had subsided by the time I went to my own dentist on Tuesday. He said that was often the case! He was lovely, though, and explained what wast he likely scenario – my biting apples and the skin piercing the gum, or a piece being wedged between the crown so that I’d not even notice. As I floss my teeth daily, the first scenario seems the most likely as I never saw a piece stuck there. But now taking antibiotics to kill any infection. I’m glad you love my blog, I find it great fun to write especially as I no longer write my magazine column or one-off articles for a variety of magazines.

  6. Hello, Margaret. This is the first time I have posted a comment on your blog, but I wanted to tell you how much I look forward to reading your lovely posts. Your blog is beautiful, and you have such a wonderful sense of design. I am so glad to hear that you are feeling better. Toothache is so miserable! I broke a tooth recently when eating a toffee – I should learn that my teeth are too old to cope with chewy toffees! Thank you again for your lovely blog, which is always such a pleasure to read.

    • Margaret

      Hello, Selena, and thank you so much for spending time to leave a comment, that is much appreciated. I so enjoy hearing how readers enjoy my blog, even though I don’t write about anything extraordinary. For example, if I were writing one now – which I won’t be doing as I can’t download photos with which to illustrate it – I’d talk about having my early morning coffee (which I have yet to make), and tulips beginning to bloom in the garden (and I wish the rest of the garden was tidier so that they would have a neat backdrop!) Oh, my goodness, breaking a tooth on a toffee. I expect that is even more usual than sliver of apple skin causing an infection! I hope you managed to get the tooth repaired. Anyway, rest assured I will be posting again as soon as I can get my computer man to find out why Picasa isn’t downloading photos from my camera. I hope it won’t be another expense!

  7. My father says that teeth are a problem when they’re coming and a problem when they’re going. I’d like to add that they’re quite often a problem when they’re in between those stages!

    • Margaret

      That is exactly what my mother used to say, Kay, about teeth! A problem coming and a problem going! She was full of such sayings. And when children asked her how old she was she would reply, “I’m as old as my tongue and a bit older than my teeth!” Yes, a teeth can be a problem, too, between their Alpha and Omega!

  8. Glad to hear your toothache is no longer. Good luck with the computer gremlins😀

  9. Glad to hear your toothache has been sorted out. Best stick to bananas!

  10. Tooth repaired thank goodness! I’m now Alison. Fiona xx 🙂 🙂

    • Margaret

      Oh, Fiona, this is so strange. Maybe you have to change your name each time in a box before you post a comment? I don’t know what readers see, I can only see what I can see on my computer on my dashboard page where I see comments and accept them after reading them. Yes, tooth now OK, no actual repair effected, just antibiotics to take. Feel much better and now pain free although gum, of course, sore if I brush my teeth a bit too vigorously having forgotten the gum is sore in that area.

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